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Although the information contained in the new Polestar 3 It is coming in dribs and drabs, the new electric SUV already has prices in our country. And cheap, what they say is cheap, it won’t be. The revealed figure confirms Polestar as a luxury electric car firm.

After months of rumors and information revealed about the new Polestar 3, we already know the mechanics it will offer in our country and some of its equipment. Also its price and the rivals it points to: the most luxurious SUVs of the moment.

Polestar 3 data sheet

Polestar 3

Type of body.

Five-seat SUV.

Measurements and weights.

To confirm.


To confirm.

Maximum power.

517 hp and 910 Nm of torque.

WLTP consumption.

To confirm.

Environmental badge.

Zero emissions.

Driving aids (ADAS).

Adaptive cruise control with blind spot sensor, emergency braking, lane keeping, parking assistance.


14.5-inch screen for the infotainment system.

electric hybrid


Plug-in hybrid.



Yes, two versions with two motors (one per axle) and powers of 489 and 517 HP.

Price and availability.

From 92,100 euros. Launch to be confirmed.

The fight for the large luxury (and electric) SUV

For those who still don’t know what Polestar is, like the one followed in their time by AMG at Mercedes and the BMW M division, Polestar ended up integrating with Volvo to offer its sportiest and most the most exclusive.

With the twist to your full electrification, Polestar has positioned itself as a premium and luxury company above the Swedish firm. By the way already they only manufacture exclusively zero-emission models and in Spain they already have the Polestar 2which they hope to compete with the Tesla Model 3.

The Polestar 2 already enjoys a certain crossover air, but with the Polestar 3, the large SUV option is fully confirmed. And for equipment, specifications and price, its rivals should be the Tesla Model X, BMW iX or the Mercedes EQE SUV (expected later this year). However, from the society they claim to point to the Porsche Cayennea model that lacks fully electrified versions.

This Polestar 3 will position itself above the Volvo XC90 as the large electric SUV of the Geely group, an even more advanced and exclusively zero-emission model. And without losing a sporty aesthetic, with a striking roof drop from its second pillar.

So it’s no surprise that pricing for this new Polestar 3 starts from €92,100 in our country, which can reach 99,500 euros from its top-of-the-range option.

Polestar 3, how do you justify its price

As for its technical characteristics, the Polestar 3 will only offer versions with all-wheel drive, thanks to a motor for each of its axles. In both cases, the battery has a capacity of 110 kWh with a 400 volt system.

As for its power capacities, the access version (92,100 euros), called Long Range Dual Motor Plus Pilot, will have 489 hp and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. In this case, the autonomy will be 610 kilometers and its maximum speed of 210 km/h. You can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in five seconds.

The highest performance option, called Long Range Dual Motor Plus Pilot Perform, will start from the €99,500 and increases its power to 517 hp and a torque of 910 Nm, which improves its acceleration to 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed is again limited to 210 km/h. Of course, it reduces its range to 560 kilometers.

Regarding its equipment and autonomous driving functions, the brand has indicated that it will have a LiDAR sensor from Luminar and an NVIDIA processor”, which will allow you to add new features in the future.

What is certain is that this new Polestar 3 will have the ADAS driver assistance systems which are mandatory from this month of July. Therefore, we will see adaptive cruise control with emergency braking and blind spot sensor, parking sensors or lane keeping.

While there aren’t many more details, we do know that its infotainment screen will be 14.5-inches in size. Although there are no more details about it, it is to be expected that, like Annoying 2, it will also have Google Android Auto as an operating system, taking advantage of the Google Store or Google Maps.

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