Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo, accomplices of their first time together on a set

The romance between Christian Gálvez and Patricia Pardo is getting better and better. Proof of this is the last stage starring the two, in which, in addition to sharing sentimental life, They also had the opportunity to coincide on the television set of The Ana Rosa program on the occasion of the new television space which is about to start from the hand of the from Mostoles.

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in 'The Ana Rosa Program' / Telecinco
Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ / Telecinco

Around 1:30 p.m. the same day, Telecinco’s morning show offered viewers a totally unexpected shot. It was none other than the one who became the couple of the year, that’s why Joaquin Prat there Caroline Cerezuela They preferred to choose to step aside to leave all the room to the two presenters. They, for their part, at all times they tried to keep their composure, although their gestures showed that they were very nervous because of the situation they were living under the eyes of thousands of Spaniards.

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in 'The Ana Rosa Program' / Telecinco
Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ / Telecinco

At first, the ex of Almudena Cid took the floor to talk about tonight I win, the new contest of the Fuencarral chain that he will co-host with Carolina Cerezuela. An intervention that Patricia interrupted to underline the intentions of her show to take the best common shot of the couple, who for the first time sat on the same television set: “Normally we are good animators, we are educated people. .. But today is not the day,” she said between laughs, prompting an immediate laugh from her boyfriend and Ana Rosa Quintana’s replacement, who admitted that “A picture is worth a thousand words” while pointing to his companions.

But the jokes didn’t stop there, and Joaquín asked Patricia if she wanted to ask the guests something: “I know everything,” he said, assuring that his companion had told him beforehand what it was all about. space about to begin. Reason why, probably, you have chosen the blue color as the main color of your seesince Gálvez represents the turquoise team in the new To display. And to make the question even more interesting, Alessandro Lequio I asked them if it was the first time they coincided on a set. Something to which Pardo replied emphatically: “Dude, yeah. Can’t you tell?”he dropped, thus closing a program charged with emotions.

Christian Galvez and Patricia Pardo/Gtres
Christian Galvez and Patricia Pardo / Gtres

Telecinco’s new bet

Con survivors about to end and the month of August is fast approaching, Telecinco has opted for Christian Gálvez and Carolina Cerezuela to start a new To display television they hope will be a success. Tonight I Win promises to liven up the nights of what’s left of the summer, premiering at 9.55pm that day and bringing together big, familiar faces across two teams, who will have to work hard in a series of tryouts to getting a boat, and of course, public recognition.

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