Celebrities who attended Rosalía’s Motomami Tour concert in Barcelona: from Estopa to Amaia | Music

The tour of Spain Rosalie coming to an end. The Spanish diva left all her fans speechless. And it is that the Motomami Tour It’s an authentic sonic and visual explosion that doesn’t let a single second breathe. An experience with which the star has proven to be up to the great international artists. And we expected no less!

This way, no celebrity wanted to miss the experience. After seeing the long list of artists who passed through the WiZink Center in Madrid on July 19 and 20, now it’s the turn of Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi to dress an entire court of familiar faces.

This Saturday and Sunday July 23 and 24, Rosalía sang in her city: Barcelona. A very special date for the Catalan, who already went as a child to the famous hall to see her idols. Today, she fills Palau with her music.

Of course, there was no shortage of familiar faces. People from cinema, music and social networks came to see the interpreter of Saoko. Do you know them all?

Ibai Llanos and Rosalía first met at the 2021 LOS40 Music Awards in Mallorca. The artist and the streamer had great chemistry and got along wonderfully. They even starred in one of the memes of the year when he covered Rosalía’s kiss with Rauw Alejandro. Now the artist went to the concert to sing some of the diva’s songs.

Laura Escanes didn’t want to miss the concert either. The famous influencer dressed up as a real motomami and went to the Palau Sant Jordi to give it her all singing the star’s songs. Indeed, as he admitted on his social networks, he almost lacked a singing voice.

But Laura did not leave alone. She was accompanied by her husband, presenter Risto Mejide. The face of television, who more than ten years ago said “no” to Rosalía in Tú si que vales, has come to enjoy the concert of the year. “A motomami and a motopapi,” wrote Laura Escanes in her Instagram Stories.

The Catalan actor didn’t want to miss Rosalía’s concert. The young man enjoyed the spectacle of the track with some friends.

How was Amaia going to miss Rosalía’s concert? The relationship of the two artists has been very good since they met in 2018. When the woman from Pamplona left Operación Triunfo, she started seeing the interpreter from Los Angeles. Now, four years later, Amaia is heading to her Motomami Tour.

Two of Rosalía’s most special guests on these dates were the Muñoz brothers. David and José, members of Estopa, are two musical references for the Hentai singer. In fact, the artist mentioned them during one of the concerts, referring to the first live performance she saw: coincidentally Estopa. Also, at the end of the concert, Rosalía was with them for a while, giving us a photo we couldn’t love more.

Another of the artists of the moment, Rigoberta Bandini, was at the show. The Catalan, who will also be at the Palau Sant Jordi this season (November 24), didn’t want to miss Rosalía’s concert. We would have loved to see a photo of the two artists together.

The actress of Once upon a time but no longer and Vis a Vis, Itziar Castro, did not miss the show either. In fact, she was very well accompanied, coinciding with Rigo and the mayor of Barcelona: Ada Colau. The three women posed for a selfie.

The mayor of Barcelona didn’t want to miss one of the city’s musical events of the year. Indeed, he dedicated a few precious words to her:

“We finally have you home. It’s a pride to see how you carry the name of Barcelona around the world, and this weekend you received the love of thousands of people who wanted to thank you, like Rigoberta Bandini, Itiziar Castro and myself , three motomarios went to your feet.

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