Barca will try to please Xavi with Leo Messi

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Barca want to restore good relations with the Argentine to return to the club

Xavi wants him in his team and the goal is for the ’10’ to be able to dress as Blaugrana again on 23-24

Joan Laporta said it a few days ago in an interview with ESPN during the US tour: ‘I feel indebted to Leo Messi’. The club’s intention is to restore good relations between the two parties, broken since his traumatic departure last summer. It won’t be easy, but the club will spare no effort to make it so. It will be substantive work, but the will is there and the ultimate goal is for the Argentinian to return to the Blaugrana entity.

This yes, there is no concrete formula to go back to integrate the ’10’ in the structure of Barça. In fact, all possibilities are open for the club, which understands that such an important figure in Blaugrana history deserves the recognition that could not be given to him on his departure, beyond the press conference of goodbye.

The objective, once relations are restored, would be to offer him a return to the club and, in this sense, it is not excluded, even less that he can do it as a player because it is on the field. how the game is going. 10′ expresses itself best. In any case, the decision of his hypothetical return to the Camp Nou as a footballer would be in the hands of the first team coach, Xavi Hernández. And it’s no secret that the Egar player feels devotion for Leo and would open the locker room doors for him, as SPORT explained. What is absolutely ruled out is that his return will take place this summer. He still has a year of contract with PSG, so, if all the circumstances are met, his return would be from the 2023-2024 season.

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