to stand out with the scenario of “28 days later” to surprise with “Ex machina” and “Annihilation”

always attract the figure of the screenwriter who gives way to the directorsince on paper it provides good ideas and solidity in the construction of the story. With a career behind the camera still in its infancy, the Briton Alex Garland has become a noteworthy author. the premiere of Mendisturbing charge title of those intended to divide by the treatment of its obvious background speech, invites you to review his two previous films, his mini-series and his work as a screenwritera facet no doubt associated with his collaborations with Danny Boyle.

His debut with ‘Ex machina’

Alicia Vikander, a
Alicia Vikander, an “Ex Machina”

With the tour acquired as a screenwriter, Garland surprises with his debut, Former machine (2014), science fiction film about artificial intelligence and determined by the discursive vocation (the desire and appearance of humanity, the role of the creator, the link with the machine), the enveloping character and the desired coldness consciously by the author.

It shows the conversations and interactions of a programmer (Domhnall Gleeson), selected by a strange millionaire researcher (Oscar Isaac), with a female beauty robot (the role with which Alicia Vikander was finally discovered) for examine your conscience. With elements of psychological intrigue and disturbing details (some surprises, voyeurism through surveillance cameras), was nominated for the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

“Annihilation” on Netflix

Image from 'Annihilation'
Image from ‘Annihilation’

Ex-Machina Advanced Garland’s taste for the complex, a design amplified in Annihilation (2018)his film released in netflix. It kind of fell into oblivion (the ephemeral nature of films and series in terms of focus, the burial effect of the algorithm…, the usual), even if at the we talked about it a lot. constituted a unique sci-fi variation focusing on contact with aliens, with an isolated area that involves entering a dangerous and unknown dimensionwhere we are going women’s expeditionincluding a biologist (Natalie Portman) eager to find out what happened to her husband (Óscar Isaac).

Although Garland applies radical ideas (mutations in nature, new beginnings), Annihilation it does not stop being rounded (the irregularity which appears) and it does not go beyond the estimable when it even harbored more potential. However, anyone who saw it will remember it for those strangely magnetic encounter scenes (watch out for the disturbing point of the chosen music) and by its drift towards scarcity.

More sci-fi in ‘Devs’

Director and screenwriter Alex Garland
Director and screenwriter Alex Garland
(Getty Images)

Garland also cultivated her favorite genre in Developers (2020), miniseries on FX of a computer engineer (Sonya Mizuno, present at Former machine there Annihilation in secondary roles) who, after the disappearance of his companion, suspects a secret division of his company. Consisting of eight episodes, in Spain, it can be seen on HBO Max.

His debut as a screenwriter

Alex Garland’s name is tied from the start to one of Danny Boyle’s creative milestones. Thinking about your creative alliance comes to the fore the memorable 28 days later (2002), although the collaborations began with The beach (2000), in which Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge (together in open grave, Trainspotting, Another story, Trance there T2 Trainspottinglisten)) adapted Garland’s novel. This work, poorly received at the time, is remembered as that of a young Leonardo DiCaprio in backpacker mode seeking experiences in Thailand and getting carried away with harmful businesses.

Image of the iconic
Image of the iconic “28 Days Later”

Then came the above 28 days latericonic (It starts with Cillian Murphy through the empty streets of London the Apocalypse having taken place) and fundamental in the evolution of the theme of the infected/zombies. With Murphy again in charge of the cast, the director and screenwriter embarks on what will be their last joint work, Sunshine (2007), sizable and ambitious science fiction proposal that after 15 years, deserves to be claimed for its formal treatment (the sun, the heat) and its discursive aspects.

His screenwriting work began with Boyle but later continued apart as shown Never leave me (2010) y Dred (2012), character modulation that has well deserved its label of cult work. Con Civil warhis fourth feature film, in post-production (also with A24 behind him), it remains to be seen what will eventually happen to his version of Haloa project mired in change and in limbo for years.

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