The Samsung tool that protects user and business data

We work in a connected world, we share much of our life online in one way or another, and our data is more exposed than ever. For him, Protecting yourself online is vital in today’s environment, and having a good tool for it will give us the necessary peace of mind.

To meet this need, Samsung It has a comprehensive security platform on its devices. Called Knox, it is planned from the manufacturing stage, in which this system is anchored in all the chips that make up both the brand’s phones and tablets and portable devices.

In addition to being present in the ‘hardware’, Knox includes cloud solutions that allow every company to protect data stored “online” completely personalized. Each company has its own needs; therefore, Knox is configurable to deploy and manage linked devices to meet the diverse and specific demand of each area.

A data shield

On every Samsung device, Knox security works from the inside out from the moment it is turned on after taking it out of the box.

Secured by Knox it works in multiple layers, with different security features that protect both ‘hardware’ and ‘software’, and are always enabled. This defense acts as a shield that protects data against intrusions and potential threats that deal with both personal and professional devices.

Secured by Knox protects both “hardware” and “software”

This protection present on Galaxy devices works in real time and is updated frequently, This enables a quick reaction to malware and prevents any modification to the device software, even in the face of newly developed attacks.

Knox Vault is one of the great strengths of this system; andThis app works like a vault inside another and physically isolates PINs, passwords and all private information stored on each device, making it impossible to access from outside the device.

Solutions for every user

Knox is the basis for various developments and services both in personal applications and in business solutions specific.

A few examples serve to demonstrate that, thanks to this layer of security, data protection is effective in various respects. The Secure Folder app is a good example: allows you to create a private and encrypted space within the device to store sensitive data and applications.

Knox makes it easy to control which apps access location

Another great example is Location Protection, which helps you easily control which apps have access to your location and when; the possibility of limiting advertising, by choosing which applications can or cannot display advertisements; or the Privacy Indicator, which provides detailed information about applications trying to access the microphone, to the camera or location while in use or in the background.

A solution adapted to the world

As we said, the world and the environment today are connected entities where Protecting yourself is more important than ever. For this reason, Samsung provides protection in “online” contexts for businesses of all types, with privacy technologies that give the user or business the protection and control they need. .

So the barriers and monitoring provided by Knox can be run at different levels, protect data against possible harmful threats, applications or visitors, in a security that meets the current context and needs.

a protected environment

Hey, Knox protects over a billion Samsung devices and manages over 70 million daily. In addition, more than 20,000 companies have its security services worldwide.

a protected environment, with constant updating and tuning to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s online world.

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