The reunion of Sortir de classe 20 years after the hand of Dani Martínez

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Seven of the protagonists of the mythical Telecinco series boarded a bus with the presenter

The reunions from At the end of class 20 to
The actors of Sortir de classe with Dani MartnezMovistar+

Some of the protagonists of After school found themselves in front of the cameras 20 years after the end of the series. They did so in a meeting organized by the team of Martinez and brothersshaping #0. your driver, Dani Martinezannounced that there would be no new part of the show on Thursday, July 21, but he had a surprise prepared for the television channel. Youtube chain.

The lions managed to get seven of the actors from the fiction of Telecinco, published between 1997 and 2002, got on a tourist bus that traveled through the streets of Madrid. In the video they match Daniel Huarte (David in the series), Athenea Mata (Elena), Flix Gmez (Jero), Ivn Herms (Flipe), Sergio Villoldo (lex) there Rafael Reao (Turbo). They are then added Raquel Meroo (Dove).

The presenter confessed that he was a big fan of After school: “Now even I represent a whole generation. I embrace you for my friends, for my people and for my people. What an illusion!” Then he interviewed the performers. They remembered a few anecdotes from the recordings and avoided talking about possible romances behind the cameras.

“Yo crush Carmen Morales in a chapter,” said Huarte. “for me once Rachel Meroo I ended up in a closet in a hotel,” confessed Hermes. The comedians pointed out that working long hours in a production that aired daily was a learning curve for them at that time.

Interviewees explained that almost all the protagonists of the series are in two groups of WhatsAppdespite the fact that some of them did not coincide in time: “There is one for the actors and another in which all the people of the team are present”.

They also said that it was difficult for them to manage their popularity and recounted some of the most surprising episodes they experienced due to the furor they caused among fans. “Go out there and let the world know…I I had years of therapy recover”, I admitted Ivan Hermes.

your new projects

Guests at the meeting After school They talked about their new projects and told what they are doing 20 years after the end of the series, since not all of them are still working as actors. Sergio Villoldo shared, “I have a school of spiritual ‘training’, meditation…and I’m recording a ‘hard rock’ album.” Athena kills indicated that she is still dropping out of her classes, but as a performing arts teacher at the TAI school. Additionally, she said she was involved in writing the script for champ 2.

Daniel Huarte is part of the cast of the musical Naughty boots. On another side, Rachel Meroo laughed that he ‘laundered money for drug dealers’ in serve and protect. “After school It gave me a lot of luck,” he said. Flix Gmezwhich continues in the world of interpretation and will be season 13 of the one that is coming.

“Yo I keep killing myself why are they casting for me,” he added Raphael Reao. Lately, Ivan Hermes explained that he wore a ukulele because he’s a street musician: “I lost my job after the pandemic and we have to support the family.”

Reunion at the CBC

Dani Martinez indicates that After school There were a total of 1,199 episodes: “It’s kind of the 1,200th episode.” The seven actors got off the bus in which they were going to a place that bore the logo of the Radio Canada, the mythical bar of the series. There they met one of the directors of the fiction and with Antonio Medinawho embodies a Sebastiandirector of the Siete Robles institute.

In addition, they were able to see a video with the messages recorded by other interpreters who had not been able to participate in the meeting. In the room they appeared Marin Aguilera (Miriam), Olivia Molina (Nadine), Luca Jimnez (Silvia), Diana Palazn (Miranda) there Mariano Alameda (igo).

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