The inconsolable cry of Rocío Carrasco for the words of his mother on Fidel Albiac

The sixth chapter of ‘In the name of Rocío’ allowed Rocío Carrasco to review his mother’s weeks of treatment in Houston and to talk about the close bond that was born between the eldest and Fidel Albiac

Rocío Carrasco continues to revisit Mohedano’s hectic family life through the life of his mother. ‘In the name of Rocío’ addresses in its sixth chapter, which was created on Mitele Plus, the time that has passed since a sworn dew You are told you have pancreatic cancer. Far from bringing the whole family together to help the eldest pull the car, his daughter observes how each of the members of heror family of media take a stand and change their strategy. It is also the moment when he is born a very special bond between the artist and the companion of his daughter, Fidel Albiac, which is evident in the words that, after the treatment in Houston, the Jury dedicated to the lawyer. Words that continue to resonate in the heart of Rocio Carrasco and in front of which he could not help shedding tears.

“It doesn’t seem to me that it matters that they are with her in Houston, but there could be no other scenario.They had to maintain this facade. I’m not saying they didn’t like him, but they could have liked him much better. Generous? No, his actions were not selfless”, this forceful phrase is with which Rocío Carrasco portrays his uncles and Rosa Benito, and the movements with which they took a stand when his mother had to face her complicated illness. We We have now learned that it was a phrase from Fidel Albiac that made him decide to put himself in the hands of the best doctors and to bet on the pioneering techniques of the hospital where he was receiving care in Houston.

Rocio Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco in a moment from the docuseries ‘In the name of Rocío’


After these difficult weeks, Rocío Jurado returned home. The Phoenix rises from its ashes, as its daughter has done now. In one of the first statements she made upon her return, the eldest referred to her daughter’s boyfriend in such a grateful and emotional way. “Fidel scratched for me to have the best doctors and seeks, works hard in this direction, because he wanted me to have the best”thus showing the enormous support that Fidel gave him throughout the process.

“Perhaps the family was more obscured”, continued the artist on this occasion, “he fought a lot, he looked at himself a lot so that he had the best treatment…”. Rocío Jurado herself thus became the voice of clan authority with words that contrast with the harassment and demolition that Fidel suffered from the Mohedano and Antonio David Flores, who were responsible for undermining his reputation and making minus the true nature of the link. which had been created with his mother-in-law.

“There has never been a bad understanding with Fidel”

“Well, she says it. I don’t say it,” is the only thing Rocío Carrasco can say, overwhelmed with emotion at hearing those words. Words that confirm the version he has been giving since he broke his silence a year ago. “Fidel behaved very well with her. A lot”, he continues, “like they know it’s the truth, they know that saying things against me hurts me. Because it’s lies, but it’s the truth.”

Rocio Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco mourns his mother’s words to Fidel Albiac


“If it’s that at home, there’s never been a bad deal with Fidel. When they started doing it, it’s because they started being with El Ser.

If it didn’t exist. It is simply not true. This relationship has never been bad. On many occasions he was much better than with me”, he underlines, “it is that he never had problems with them.” And a revealing detail is saved for the end, ” Fidel came to intercede between Amador and Gloria, “when they acted behind each other’s backs with Rocío Jurado’s commitments and “they did not talk to each other to the point that one said that if the other came to me for Christmas, the other would not go. Fidel got involved because he knew what it was going to mean for my mother. To pay attention to a person in this way, you have to have affection for him, you have to have esteem for him.

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