Summary and objectives of Jonquera

07/22/2022 at 09:07 PM


Barça Atlètic scored their first win of the pre-season after winning 1-8 at Les Forques

Despite a draw at the break, the Barça subsidiary showed its superiority in the second half

Rafa Marquez’s Barca Atletico adds his first victory of the pre-season after beating La Jonquera 1-8. After a first half that ended in a draw, the Barça subsidiary showed his superiority in the 45 seconds, during which he scored seven goals.




La Jonquera

Juher; Polonio, González, Pons, Kaddouri, Batlle, El Bassri, Rabert, Almendros, Comaleras, Calsina. They also played: Matheus, Edgar, Hugo Díaz, Iacopo, Àlex, Mike, Adrià, Felip, Allou, Nabil, Aaron, Adrián and Alahassane.

Barca Atletico

Nil Ruiz; Rosanas, Ndiaye, Casas, Mika Mármol, Carbonell, Ghailan, Fermín, Víctor Barberà, Txus Alba, Juanda. They also played: Aranda, Astralaga, Núñez, Chadi Riad, Álvaro Sanz, Akhomach, Fabio, Dionkou, Álex Valle, Gerard, Josep Cerdà, Emre Demir, Aleix and Saïdou.


0-1 M.30 Ghailan. 1-1 M.43 Edgard. 1-2 M.48 Alvaro Sanz. 1-3 M.68 Alvaro Sanz. 1-4 M.72 Said Bah. 1-5 M.73 Elijah. 1-6 M.73 Elijah. 1-7 M.78 Elijah. 1-8 M.87 Emre Demir.

Equality on the scoreboard with a superior Barca

The meeting started with a very dominant Barça Atlético and monopolizing all offensive plays. with an incisor Zacharie Ghailan and some very active Juanda and Txus Alba.

Although they calmed down in attack those of Rafa Márquez and opted for touch the ball more as early as half-time in the first half, the first goal of the match would arrive half an hour later, Ghaïland’s work. The ‘7’ cut his pair with a tunnel and I pulled flat and crossed to open the box.

After several minutes of Barca domination where the advantage could be extended, La Jonquera would equalize at 43′after a controversial game in which the local striker he pushed Mika Mármol before finishing.

Second half goalscorers festival

After the restart, Barça Atlètic would soon regain the lead. Josep Cerda I put it in space so that Alex Valley sent him to the penalty spot. Álvaro Sanz was waiting therethat he finished with pleasure during score 1-2.

Once in front, Barça B continued to press and hit the wood two more times. who he did not forgive in 69 ‘it was Álvaro Sanzwho wrote his special doublet after a nice underhand pass from Aranda.

In 72′, would mark the fourth Saïdou Bah as soon as you enter the field; and in 73′ Ilias scored two identical goals in just 20 seconds after pressing the rival keeper. Already at 78′, he would mark his particular triplet Ilias unforced error. He also didn’t want to miss the goalscorers’ party Emre Demirwhich he scored on his debut in 87′.

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