Rosalía is reborn in leather and motorized at the Motomami World Tour

Rosalía, with ‘R’ for queen. The Catalan singer, who is immersed in the Motomami World Tour to present her latest album on stage, has already made cities like Almería, Seville, Granada, Malaga and Madrid roar. Tonight it’s Barcelona’s turn and thanks to the networks, his followers have been able to gather many clues about the wonderful evening that awaits them at the Palau Sant Jordi.

The artist from Sant Esteve de Sesrovires has created a whole universe around the term Motomami. An invented word, in an abstract sense, which pays homage to the singer’s own mother and which refers to strong, independent, but also sensitive and, in any case, autonomous women. After launching Chicken Teriyaki in March, the first time she coined the term Motomami, Rosalía defined it as “a Motomami willingly destroys their previous works to make room for subsequent ones.”

He announced his world tour with a Sevillian design and leather boots

He announced his world tour with a Sevillian design and leather boots


This is precisely what the singer did with her music but also with regard to her image in concert. The wardrobe of a Motomami imagined by the artist is made up of the looks that accompany it on this tour. Gone are the folk styles or the shiny bodies, in the pure style of Beyoncé or Jennifer López, which she wore on the El Mal Querer tour. Rosalía’s musical makeover translates, in a stylistic twist, into leather outfits with exaggerated shoulder pads, schoolgirl-style skirts and boots with extreme platforms that extend above the knee, and asymmetrical mesh dresses. , combined with fly goggles with an air of the 2000s.

Even the heat wave did not convince the singer to dance for hours in front of thousands of participants wrapped in pieces of leather, long sleeves and a turtleneck. Of course, the artist showed a few days before the start of the tour how she overcame the extreme heat of a sauna wrapped in plastic, who knows if to lose weight or to get used to what awaited her on stage all summer. Heat? Girl what are you saying!

Two big names: Dion Lee and Pepa Salazar

The creations that Rosalía has worn until today, during her world tour, only have two names engraved: Dion Lee and Pepa Salazar. The first is the creator of the motorized suit he wore in blue in Almería, red in Malaga and earth tones in Madrid. The Australian seamstress is a fervent defender of unisex clothing – who has paraded on the catwalks in recent seasons – and has dressed celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence. The artist’s other look, an asymmetrical mesh dress with long sleeves, is signed by Valencian designer Pepa Salazar.

This designer entered Rosalía’s closet months ago, not only because of her turn to the millennial aesthetic, dubbed Y2K and an obvious trend on the streets this year, but also because she’s Spanish origin. Salazar is also the origin of the accessory with which the artist presents all his concerts framed in the Motomami World Tour: a motorcycle helmet, with neon lights and decorated with two large ears in the form of pigtails and a large butterfly at mouth level. .

The singer Rosalía during her concert in Malaga.

The singer Rosalía during her concert in Malaga.

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This new wardrobe accompanies the artist in his musical transition. And although Rosalía has undergone her own metamorphosis, like the butterflies she adores so much and symbol of her latest album, her flamenco origins are present both in her songs and in her wardrobe. She testified to this during her concert in Madrid, where she was surprised dressed in a ruffled flamenco bata de cola, signed by the Sevillian brand Lina, no less than twelve meters long.

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