Ricky Martin, focused on his concerts, cleans up his reputation after filing a complaint against him for domestic violence

The case against Ricky Martin by a protection order requested by his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, was filed on Thursdaywhich cleans up the singer’s reputation even though the emotional damage will take longer to heal.

I’ve never had to deal with something so painful like what I have been through for the past two weeks, I have been the victim of lies”, affirmed the artist, visibly dismayedin a video provided by their representatives.

The San Juan District Court archived the case after the plaintiff requested the cancellation of the protection order temporary by Domestic Violence Law 54 issued against the Puerto Rican singer earlier this month.

“It took us by surprise (the withdrawal of the complaint),” he said. Efe one of the artist’s lawyers, Joaquín Monserrate Matienzo, after the hearing, which lasted just over 10 minutes and during which Ricky Martin appeared virtually.

Monserrate explained that at the start of the hearing plaintiff’s attorneyJessica Beltran indicated that came “with instructions” from his client to “request the case file” and that the singer didn’t even have to declare.

“Free and voluntary” decision

The lawyer said she made sure that Sánchez I made this decision knowingly.that there were no promises in return for filing this case, no money involved, let alone threats of any kind to drop the case.

The 21-year-old testified under oath in response to questions from the judge that withdrew the request “freely, voluntarily and knowingly”according to Monserrate.

In early July, Sánchez claimed to have had a romantic relationship with Ricky Martin for seven months and that, after the breakup, his uncle intimidated him and repeatedly showed up at his home, for which he applied for a protective order.

This order, issued ex parte on July 2, was temporary and its permanence depended on the hearing, which brought together many journalists, local and foreignat the gates of the courtyard despite the rain.

“Unfortunately the attack came from a family member who suffers from mental problems. The only thing I wish for him is the best, that he finds the light,” the singer said in the video.

Ricky Martin’s lawyer too refuse in his statements to Efe that between the two there would have been a kind of romantic relationship: “Relationship uncle”, he pointed out.

“It’s my turn to heal”

The interpreter of great musical successes such as the bite there Living the crazy life commented that this trial has done “a lot of damage” to him, as well as to his children, his husband, his parents and all his family”.

Enrique Martín Morales, first name of the Puerto Rican singer, has been married since 2017 to Syrian-born artist Jwan Yosef and has four children.

“Today I have to heal because I am very, very, very hurt. I will find calm, I will find silence necessary to see the light again at the end of the road”, declared the singer, dressed in a blue suit and tie.

In the video, Ricky Martin also thanked “all those hardcore fans” who sent himlove messagespositive messages.

Before these statements, the singer had limited himself to posting a brief message in English on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.The truth prevails(truth prevails) next to an image of his legal team’s statement reporting the case.

His lawyer Monserrate confirmed that this lawsuit was “a traumafor the artistthat he was “shocked, sad and hurt” and that “the emotional damage he suffered will take time to heal”.

Damage to your reputation

It’s a reputation murder case and it was about a citizen who raised the name of Puerto Rico in all countries and continents”, denounced the lawyer.

In addition to the protective order, information was added in some media that pointed to a sentence of up to 50 years in prison against the singer in case he is declared blame for incest.

In this regard, its legal team, formed in addition to Monserrate, by graduates Carmelo Dávila and Harry Mansanet, criticized that “there were a lot of sensational titles on this matter which simply did not correspond in any way to the facts.

“It was still a purely civil matter and, as the Court has just concluded, they were nothing more than the unfortunate claims of a citizen. We are happy that our client has seen that justice has been served and that he can now move on with his life and career.”

Ricky Martin appeared this Friday, and will also do so this Saturday, in a concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the legendary Hollywood Bowl and, as his lawyer said Efeis “a very brave guy and he has to move on”.

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