Pol Calvo, finalist of Pablo López, winner of the third edition of Antena 3

The third edition of ‘The voice kids’ in Antena 3 already has a winner. Pol bald, member of Pablo López’s team, took the final victory after having the most support from the public on the set, beating Antonio Cortés, Marina Oliván and Triana Jiménez, the finalists of, respectively, Sebastián Yatra, Aitana Ocaña and David Bisbal.

Pol Calvo impressed by his huge vocal potential a sublime interpretation of ‘All by me’, one of the most important pieces of Celion Dine’s discography, in the grand finale of the musical talent’s children’s version. The Barcelonan has once again amazed the public and the coaches, also detailing the evolution he has had since the blind auditions.

Pol Calvo’s victory also allowed Pablo López to achieve a historic hat-trick in ‘La voz’. The Malaga singer has become the first coach to win all three versions of the Antena 3 program (adults, juniors and seniors) in the more than 10 years of Spanish television history.

As the winner of ‘La voz kids’, Pol Calvo took home the trophy, a musical training scholarship of 10,000 euros, a single with Universal Music and an extraordinary trip with his whole family to Portaventura World.

The career of Pol Calvo in ‘La voz kids’

Throughout his participation, Pol has made an upward trajectory in the Spanish adaptation of ‘La voz kids’. At the Blind Auditions, he nervously goes on stage to play the complicated theme “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston, to be chosen by Pablo Lópezwho pressed his button in the last seconds of his performance.

In ‘Las Batallas’, the Barcelona native sang alongside teammates María Arilla and Carmen Alcalá, the song ‘I keep all my love for you’ by Whitney Houston, being once again the singer of Fuengirola’s bet for the next phase of Antena 3’s musical talent.

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Pol returned to interpret ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston to risk her pass in the semi-final of ‘La voz kids’ in ‘Los assaults’, impressing Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, Luis Fonsi and Lola Índigo, who cannot hold back the tears after their performance. Finally, the public made him the first finalist of the team of the interpreter of songs like ‘El patio’.

The Barcelona youngster sees a slow version of ‘What a sensation’, the BSO’s best-known song from the movie ‘Flashdance’. Once again, the on-set viewers made him Pablo López’s first runner-up.

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