Oregon 2022 World Cup: McLaughlin reigns in Eugene with stratospheric world record 400 hurdles

Sydney McLaughlin he was unable to challenge for gold in the 400m hurdles at the 2014 U-20 World Championships in Eugene. She was classified but could not play this championship because World Athletics regulations prevented her from doing so: he was only 14, too young for the category.

Eight years later, he finally reigned at Hayward Field, a scene he knows inside out. Not for nothing three of the four world records he cherishes have come on this track.

Perhaps that’s why he focused all eyes today, waiting for a first record that would make a World Cup without records shine beyond another memorable moment.

McLaughlin knew it and did not disappoint. It’s more, exceeded expectations as he passed his test, the 400 hurdles, in uncharted territory. The American came out of the tacos like a rocket and at 150 meters he had already taken compensation from Dalilah Muhammad, the woman who beat her at Doha 2019 with another world record. This is his last setback in the distance.

His progress was unstoppable and by the eighth fence, with the entire home stretch to come, he had built up an almost insulting advantage over the Dutch. Femke Bowlthe woman called to question her rule, and Muhammad herself.

The applause intensified as the whole stadium was aware of witnessing a memorable moment, which was electronically approved when McLaughlin crossed the finish line in 50.6873 hundredths faster than his previous world record, achieved here on June 25 during the American tests.

The ‘marcianada’ of the golden girl of ‘yankee’ athletics, who adores Allyson Felixwas of such caliber that he passed Bol by one and a half seconds, who with 52.27 obtained the best mark in history for a world silver medal. The podium was completed by Muhammad (53.13), also the fastest bronze of any championship.

The effort had been enormous, inhuman – she would have finished seventh in the 400 smooth final! -, equivalent to that of Karsten Warholm in the 400m hurdles at the Tokyo Games, when it fell below the 46-second mark, and the invoice was immediate. For several minutes, McLaughlin sat on the plaid, barely able to move, her face half gone.

Already recomposed the figure, He approached the dashboard and took the obligatory photo with the new recordbut soon after, she sat back down, exhausted and in no mood to party. Lactate.

a gold mine

Married since May of this year to a former NFL player, McLaughlin is the daughter and sister of athletesalthough none of course with comparable talent.

His father, Willie McLaughlinsemi-finalist of the 400 meters of the ‘trials’ in 1984, was clear from the first moment: “All our children are quite talented, but Sydney is a bit special. We saw it coming. It was just a question of time”, he assured when the creature was only 14 years old and already astonished the sporting world by his exploits.

After a year at the University of Kentucky, He turned pro in 2018, signing a $1.5 million-a-year contract with New Balance.. Moreover, his representative usually works with Hollywood stars, and not with other athletes. And it was already a gold mine for all to see.

Now, she has confirmed all the predictions with a gold medal and a record that crowns her as the undisputed queen of this World Cup. What McLaughlin has in store for the future, no one knows, but It no longer seems impossible to attack the 50 second barrier…

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