NBA: Kevin Durant explodes against his haters: “I feel like they hate God, it’s a lot of shit”

Kevin Durant He is going through a difficult period in his career. Since asking to be traded to the Nets criticism raged against him. He has always had a lot of “haters” since his time at Oklahoma City Thunder. People who accused him of not being able to lead his team to conquer the ring. And when he signed for the Warriors to achieve this in 2016, many understood it as the easy solution to achieve this by joining a winning project. And they censored that too.


In the Warriors have won two rings in three yearsbeing MVP in two finals, but still his critics argued that the credit was not his. One of the most acidic with his work was Charles BarkleyNBA legend turned analyst, who was none of those hits. Kevin Durant was just a passenger on the Warriors bus, not the bus driver.“, he said on the Dan Patrick show. For him, Curry was the most important player, and Draymond Green, the vocal leader of the team.

Kevin Durant was just a passenger on the Warriors bus, not the bus driver.

Charles Barkley (former NBA player and commentator)

Durant has not forgotten those words and from his podcast i talked about this issue visibly upset: “Bus passengers, bus drivers, what? What does that mean ? So we play as a team. We all play with great players, but I feel like I can stand out from anybody. I don’t have to belittle myself, so no, I never checked to see if he was on the bus.because I played a lot of minutes and scored a lot of points”.

I feel like I can stand out among any player. I don’t have to belittle myself, so no, I never looked if I was on the bus, because I played a lot of minutes and scored a lot of points

Kevin Durant (Nets player)

barley also said that he would never have the respect of legends until he won an NBA championship as a senior pyrotechnician of triumph. And Durant, obviously, didn’t like that statement either: “He says he won’t get the respect of legends. what legends? Which group of legends are you talking about? Who? Because every time I meet a legend, I only get love,” Durant said.


And the current Nets player exploded: “It’s just a bunch of crap they’re making up. Bus passengers, bus drivers. Brother, I played a lot of minutes, I took a lot of shots, I made a lot of shots. What are you talking about? I felt like you all hated God. What did I do that you want to discredit everything I’ve done? I worked a lot to get there, I’ve been there for 15 or 16 years. They think I’m a six-year veteran in the league because of the way people talk about me.”

I already had shoes and I had an MVP before I met those Warriors guys

Kevin Durant (Nets player)

Yes he reprimanded Barkley again and to those who still think that before coming to the Warriors he painted nothing: “As if he had done nothing before going to Golden State. I don’t know if those who think that have watched a lot of Thunder games, unless they’ve been in prime time. Let them investigate because I was always at that level. I already had sneakers and was MVP before I met those Warriors guys. We did something special together, but don’t take away what I did brother.”

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