Mery Perelló, very happy, boasts of being pregnant with Rafa Nadal during a concert in Mallorca

Mery Perelló and Rafa Nadal are living one of the sweetest moments of their lives. The couple, after 18 years together, announced in mid-June that they were expecting their first child together. Since then, both keep a certain discretion on the status of Mery, a discretion that has always characterized their relationship. However, recently the couple bragged about a pregnancy in public, and it happened because they had a big project together on the island that saw their love blossom: Mallorca.

The reality is that Mery and Rafa have been together practically their entire lives. They fell in love when they were young, and the experiences they have had are many. Mery has been an unconditional support for Rafa throughout his sporting career, remaining in the background, but always present. Even when it came to celebrating some of the Majorcan’s sporting successes, she was always very discreet. Now that she’s pregnant, it’s inevitable that she’ll make headlines.

Rafa Nadal and Mery Perello in Palma de Mallorca

Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló in Palma de Mallorca in a file image


The tennis player is enjoying a few days in his native country before resuming training to prepare for the US Open. There he spent time with his group of friends, where he could be seen enjoying boat rides. But since there is time for everything, Rafa decided to carry out a very familiar plan, taking advantage of the concert that Sebastián Yatra gave in Mallorca. He did it with a luxury company: Mery Perelló, Maribel Nadal, her sister and other relatives and friends.

The tennis player wanted to immortalize the night with some photographs. Nadal didn’t hesitate to pose with Yatra and share it on social media, and they even got really funny when they met. “We arm wrestled and Yatra destroyed me. It’s the truth and it had to be said. Sebastián Yatra, crack, superhuman strength,” said the Mallorcan in the publication. “Thank you Rafa. It’s good that you accept it and share it with the rest of the world,” the singer joked. It was the singer who would later share a photo in which we can see how the pregnancy of the tennis player’s wife is progressing, which has aroused the interest of many.

In the photo you can see Mery Perelló wearing a tight white dress, with which she marks the pregnancy. The young woman, 34, is the most smiling and alongside her great love, Rafa Nadal, and her sister-in-law Maribel. Xisca has shown that she is very happy, as her pregnancy is going very well. The couple are very happy with the good news, as they will welcome to a precious child which will brighten the lives of future dads.

Xisca brags about being pregnant at Sebastián Yatra concert in Mallorca

Xisca brags about being pregnant at Sebastián Yatra concert in Mallorca

Instagram / sebastianyatra

The couple’s first child is due in October. From now on, the lovebirds must take advantage of this last summer before becoming parents. The couple were first caught together in 2005. Both came from two families who had a good relationship, and Mery was Maribel’s classmate at school. The spark that ignited love arose, and since then they have not been apart for a moment. Finally, they got married in 2019, in the presence of around 250 guests. It is only in 2022 that they will welcome their first child, the fruit of their love. It seems that there has been love and happiness for a long time between the two.

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