Kevin Dunn could follow in Vince McMahon’s footsteps in WWE

Just a few hours ago was one of the news of the year in the wrestling world. Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWEapparently due to his age, according to the company’s former CEO.

WWE confirmed that McMahon will step down from all active roles in the companyalso specifying that it is not a script. During, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been named co-CEOs of the company. It should not be forgotten that, until then, Stéphanie was acting general manager while it was solved the scandal in which his father is involved.

In the meantime, the reactions and information that surfaced after Vince McMahon’s announcement keep coming. In this direction, Fighter revealed new details on the subject, which we offer below.

Internal reactions

First, the medium points out that the decision to appoint Stephanie and Khan as co-CEOs was made last week, so Vince’s departure would already be known. Even so, the news shocked most of the company’s workers.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that an “emergency meeting” with all staff had taken place. However, the outlet points out that wasn’t exactly the case, as several Raw talents weren’t called up. It was a simple farewell with all the staff present.

On another side, the internal message the staff first received was that Vince was retiring and wanted them to continue waving the WWE flag. However, just weeks ago they were told that Vince McMahon was here to stay and was not going anywhere.

The Brock Lesnar Affair

One of the rumors that has garnered the most attention states that Brock Lesnar was reportedly angry after hearing the news, choose to leave the venue where SmackDown will be taking place, as revealed by journalist Bryan Álvarez. In this sense, Fightful was able to confirm that Brock left without saying anything, although he was due to appear tonight.. It’s unclear if he’ll finally return for the Blue Mark episode, though it’s worth noting that the fighter was removed from tonight’s card on

Kevin Dunn could be the next name to leave WWE

Finally, according to the media, it is unclear who will now make the final decisions in the creative field. In this direction, A rumor has started circulating among talent that nominates Kevin Dunn as the next person to leave WWE. Despite this, Dunn and Bruce Prichard They will be responsible for leading tonight’s show in the absence of Vince McMahon. As for the rumor, it should be noted that when talent speculated about the dismissal of Jean Laurinaitisfinally it happened.

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