It is the key tool to protect your mobile if you have a Samsung

Every day it is more common to encounter cyber attacks there scams on our mobile device. Whether through a SMS or emailbeing “hacked” is not difficult at all, so the security and data protection is now more important than ever. If you are one of those who use Samsungyou should know that the brand has the security platform on its devices Knoxresulting from the manufacture of each of them.

Although Knox is included in the devices, it does not stay on it. It also includes development in the cloud which allows each company configure, customize, deploy and manage all your devices to meet the diverse and specific needs of each of them.

The system protects business and personal devices

The Knox platform starts working the first time it is powered on. In this way, Secured by Knox constitutes various security functions that operate at different layers, both in Material as in Software, and they are still enabled. The purpose of these defense and security mechanisms is to protect data against intrusions, malware and malicious threats that can attack both work and personal devices.

In the case of Galaxy Devices, protection works in real time, reacting quickly to privacy breaches and preventing any modification of the Software. With regard to its properties, it stands out Knox Safeapp that works like a safe inside another. It physically isolates PINs, passwords and all other private information found on each device so that hackers cannot access it.

This is how Secure Folder works in the system

In addition to personal applications, the Knox platform is also suitable for various enterprise solutions. Among them are Secure Folderwhere you can create a private and encrypted space within your Galaxy device to store private data and applications; location protection, which makes it easy to control which apps have access to your location and when; the disabling of advertisements, which opens the door to the choice of applications that can display advertisements; and the privacy indicator, which provides information about apps trying to access your microphone, camera, or location.

Today, Knox protects more than 1 billion Samsung devices, also managing 70 million per day. In business they are more than 20,000 companies used by corporate security services worldwide. In this way, the platform manages to anticipate the new needs of companies and users, covering all their needs with optimal performance.

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