I can’t get over it Sadness with the withdrawal of this product from Mercadona

Mercadona left its customers most surprised when it was revealed that one of its best-selling products is no longer sold or has at least disappeared from its shelves. supermarkets and at the moment it does not plan to be available again, but what is it? The social networks They served to discover the sadness of Mercadona customers for the withdrawal of the product that we are now revealing and we are also looking for an alternative that could help you enjoy something similar until the supermarket chain Juan Roig decides to bring him back something that is so desired.

Sadness with the withdrawal of this product

If you like sweets and more specifically the Mercadona bakery section, you have surely come across their orange sponge cake more than once, a spongy sponge cake with a classic recipe of eggs, flour, oil, sugar and of milk to which I added candied orange.

An apparently very good cake, but which all of a sudden it disappeared from Mercadona’s shelves, but has it been exhausted or has it really been withdrawn? Well, unfortunately, customers of these supermarkets found out that it was no longer available.

Faced with the impossibility of finding him since this month, a Twitter user did not hesitate to ask about the cake on this social networkand the Mercadona account replied that the cake already “was not for sale in our assortment»also wanting to know what he liked the most about the product.

What alternatives do we have?

Given the absence of the desired orange cake, Mercadona customers will have to wait to see what this supermarket chain does and if they bring it back soon, but for the most desperate we can choose some options as an alternative.

Take a look at the bakery and pastry section of Mercadona we find other cookies that although they don’t have the star ingredient of orange, they do have a quite similar recipe to that of the withdrawn product.

For example, we have the Traditional cookiemade from eggs, milk, sugar, flour and oil which is sold in a square format and at the price of 2.60 euros (450 grams) or again, the Hacendado yogurt cake which has practically the same recipe as orange cake except for that fruit. In this case, you need flour, sugar, oil, yoghurt and a little cream to make it softer. For sale in round format at the price of 3.00 (800 grams).

Finally, you can try another cake similar to the orange one. It is Squire Coconut Cakewith the ingredients already mentioned, but with the addition of grated coconut. Sold at the price of 2.45 euros (400 grams).

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