Here are the 7 sports and 10 exercises that boost sexual performance

The science has spoken: here are the 7 sports and 10 exercises that trigger sexual performance

The primary goal of thousands of athletes that fill gyms daily is usually to lose weight and gain muscle but physical exercise has many more benefits and some of them directly affect the quality of our sexual relationshipsas the universities of Harvard or Arkansas have shown.

This scientific research supports that exercise improves cardiovascular healthThis aspect is essential during sexual intercourse. Sex requires dilation of blood vessels to ensure blood circulation to certain erogenous zones. For this reason, sports will improve erectionsboth in the case of Men’s since the women (clitoral erection). The second reason why the physical exercise improves our sexual relations has to do with metabolic factors. Physical activity controls insulin levels, avoiding metabolic disorders that could affect the sexual arousal phase. Thus, sport facilitates and improves the quality of arousal.

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