Goals and summary of Germany 2-0 Austria in Women’s Euro 2022 | 07/22/2022

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Objectives and Summary

15:54A day ago


It’s finish! Germany beat Austria and moved into the semi-finals of this European Championship.

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Goal, goal, goal for Germany! Bad clearance from the Austrian goalkeeper who bounces off Popp and ends up entering the goal.

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Austria turned forward looking for the draw, but the keeper dismisses everything.

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Portiere! Zinsberger takes the ball that Germany was looking for in the box to avoid the second.

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Cannon shot from Dallmann, but the ball goes over the goal.

15:23A day ago


Change of Germany. Magull and Daerbritz release for Dallmann and Lattwein

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Close! Double shot from Puntigam, the first hits the post and the second is out by the goalkeeper.

15:12A day ago


To stick on! Dunst fired from three quarters of the field, but ended up crashing into the post.

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The ball rolls and the complement of these quarter-finals is played.

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Half-time in Brentford, Germany narrowly beat Austria forty-five minutes from the end.

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Excellent performance from Frohms, preventing Austria from creating danger.

14:36A day ago


Gwinn’s shot that ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper

14:28a day ago


Goal, goal, goal for Germany! Large delayed ball that Magull finds and sends to save.

14:19A day ago


Close! Austria arrive with danger, but Hendrichs eventually recovers the ball.

14:11A day ago


Close! Füller’s cannon fired towards Frohms’ goal, but the keeper kept the ball.

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Actions begin to define the second semi-finalist.

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XI Austria

Zinsberger; Hanshaw, Georgieva, Wenninger, Wienroither; Hickelsberger, Puntigam, Zadrazil, Feiersinger, Dunst; billa

13:59A day ago

Xi Germany

happy; Rauch, Hegering, Hendrich, Gwinn; Daebritz, Oberdorf, Magull; Buhl, Popp, Huth.

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To the court

Both teams are already on the field of play, ready to warm up before the start of this game.

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they arrived

Austria has already arrived in English ownership, it will seek to surprise and categorically beat Germany.

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Germany are already in Brentford, they will be looking to qualify for the next phase.

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Watch out for this player

Nicole Billa arrives having scored in the game that gave them the pass to these instances, so she will be looking to keep scoring goals going forward.

13:33A day ago

Add positive numbers!

Austria come into this match adding three goals in their favor and one against, they will look to add more and catapult themselves into the next phase.

13:28A day ago

What numbers!

Germany have nine goals in their favor and zero against, numbers they will look to continue to increase to finish in better form.

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It’s already happening!

Fans of both teams are already in the Brentford building ready to support both teams in this interesting game.

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Watch out for this player

Germany’s Alexandra Popp has three goals in this Euro, a figure she will be looking to increase, so the Austrian team must prevent the player from getting close to her goal.

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We are back !

We go back minute by minute on the match between Germany and Austria, corresponding to the quarter-finals of the Women’s European Cup 2022. We will soon share the most relevant information on the two teams as well as the confirmed compositions.

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Don’t take off from here to follow Germany vs Austria live

In a few moments, we’ll be sharing the starting line-ups for Germany vs Austria Live, as well as the latest news from the Brentford Community Stadium. Do not miss any detail of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

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Where and how to watch Germany vs Austria online and live

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What time is the match between Germany and Austria in the quarter-finals of the Women’s Euro 2022?

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Declarations Germany

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How does Austria arrive?

Austria He comes in second place in group A, in his last game he beat Norway by the minimum, managing to qualify for this instance.

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How does Germany arrive?

12:382 days ago

The game will be played at Brentford Community Stadium

The England Germany vs Austria match will be played at the Brentford Community Stadium located in Brentford, England. The property has a capacity of 17,250 people.

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Hello to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Germany vs Austria match, corresponding to the quarter-finals of the Women’s Euro 2022. The match will take place at the Brentford Community Stadium, at 2:00 p.m.

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