Goalless draw in Real Oviedo’s second try



Goalless draw in Santa María Cayón. Real Oviedo 0-0 SD Eibar.

A great opportunity for each team in a new repetition of Jon Pérez Bolo’s team. Lots of tries and a totally different team from the one that started in the second half: the Biscay coach ended up with ten players with a past at Vetusta on the pitch.


87′ | center behind viti which ends Lucas. The ball went for a corner.
Oviedo holds his position well and tries to get on the right wing. Eibar, for his part, regained control of the ball a little in the last minutes, but without importing Tomeu.


86′ | Three changes in the last few minutes in the Eibar. they withdrew Rios Reina, Tejero and Sergio Alvarezand entered Imanol, Alexandre and Inigo Martin.13:45

80′ | On the field of play, all the players who have passed through the blue subsidiary with the exception of Tomeu Nadal in goal.
Lucas Godson, Javi Moreno, Lucas Laso and Osky in defense. Bretons, Jorge Mier, Mángel and Viti in the middle of the field, and Mario Fuente in the lead.


75′ | Hydration break.

The stands give a standing ovation Luc Lassoa player from Oviedo, originally from Santa Maria de Cayon.


69′ | Two other changes to Real Oviedo:

Walk in Jorge Mier there Mario Source instead of Screwdriver Jimmy and Samu.


66′ | Walk in Jon Bautista and Iriarte in the SD Eibar. leave your place on the lawn Stoitchkov and Aketxe.


63′ | prepare to enter Lucas Laso, Mángel, Cardero and Javi Moreno.

They leave the playground Jirka, Hugo Rama, Luengo and Dani Calvo.

The eleven is the following: Tomeu; Lucas, Javier Moreno, Laso, Osky; Viti, Jimmy, Mangel, Bretons; Alex Cardero and Obeng


59′ | ¡GOL CANCELED IN STOICHKOV! The striker receives a yellow card for scoring with his hand. The center belonged to Matheus.


viti take advantage of a bad clearance clay and this is done with a ball in the box. avoid the goal Stonecutter hand to hand.


53′ | The game ends after matheus take a ball. The player recovers and returns to the field of play after being assisted.


Four other changes to Real Oviedo:
brat (Take Christmas, min 46); Miguelon (Lucasmin 46), Luengo, Dani Calvo, Pomares (Oski, min 46); Jimmy, Hugo Rama, Javi Mier (Abel Bretones, min 23); Sanalli (vitimin 46), Obeng and Jirka.


six changes in SD Eibar:
Yoel (Stonecutter, m. 46); Tejero, Berrocal (claymin 46), Venancio (bucket, min 46), Rios Reina; Sergio Alvarez, Javi Munoz (matheus, min 46); To register (Yanismin 46), Aketxe, Quique (Body, min 46); Stoichkov.


The match resumes at the Fernando Astobiza Sports Complex, in Santa María de Cayón.

Real Oviedo 0-0 SD Eibar


46′ | FINAL of the first part.


46′ | Miguelon crosses after a big change of play by Rama. The ball finds no bid and exceeds the net result.


45′ | An additional minute is added.


Marcello there Ruben Flores They watch the game together in the stands, a few meters from the bench of the Carbayón team.


34′ | FOR THE CLEAREST BRAAT OF THE PARTY! Center from the left by Ríos Reina who finishes Trocho in the first instance. The ball crashes into Dani Calvo and Aketxe takes the rebound. The shot is caught by Braat in two stages.


30′ | Take a drink break.


23′ | Go in Bretons, who stays on the left wing. Sangalli tied with Obeng at 4-4-2 and Bolo replaced Jirka on the right flank.


19′ | Javier Mierwithdraws the playground after feeling discomfort. Warms up Abel Bretons, who will enter the field in a few moments. Meanwhile, Oviedo with one less.


16′ | Against Eibar on the left, center of Quique from this same band and interned by Aketxe In the zone. collide with orchards and the Eibar players demand a penalty.


11′ | Bolo changes the pattern to 4-4-2. Javier Mier gains meters and places himself with Obeng, while Rama double pivot shape with jimmy.


10′ | Second arrival from Oviedo, on the left and after an action from Pomares on the wing for Jirka. The play ends in a corner.


in the box, Titus white there Federico González. On one side of the stand, the new Real Oviedo player Marcelo Flores sees the meeting with Jon Pérez Bolo’s assistant coach, Asier Díaz. At the other, the Mexican’s father, Rubén Flores, and the rest of the players not called up: Borja Sanchez, Tarín and Luismi.
Borja Walking stick and David Costas they did not travel with the team.


5′ | Center Javi Munoz from the left that cuts smoothly kid. Eibar’s high pressure is giving results to Gaizka Garitano’s men, although Oviedo resolved without problems in the final meters.


2′ | Miguelón crosses from the right that no one completes. First arrival of the match, and from Oviedo. The game started with Jirka flying to the edge of his own area.



Initial welcome and delivery of commemorative plaques to both clubs by CD Cayón.

In a few moments the friendly match will begin.


Eleven of SD Eibar: Joel; Tejero, Berrocal, Venancio, Queen Rivers; Sergio Alvarez, Javi Munoz; Kike, Aketxe, Troncho; and Soitchkov.


eleven of Real Oviedo: Braat; Llambrich, Luengo, Dani Calvo, Pomares; Jimmy, Javier Mier, Hugo Rama; Sangalli, Jirka and Obeng.


Today he also trains at the Fernando Astobiza Sports Complex, in Santa María de Cayón.

first day of Marcelo Flores in the office. They work on the sidelines Borja, Enrich, Tarín there louismi. Those of Bolo listen to the technical speech inside the facilities with half an hour before the start of the friendly match against Eibar (12 hours)

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