check today, Friday July 22, 2022

This Friday, July 22, 2022, a new draw is played Bonolotoorganized by State Lotteries and Betting. The draw, which takes place at 9:30 p.m. in the lotteries and betting room, has a pot of _____ euro for first-class winners.

The figures of the winning combination of Bonoloto this Friday, July 22: 02 10 11 23 44 47. On this occasion, the additional number of this day corresponds to the 21 and reimbursement to 8.

How to play Bonoloto?

Many lottery players view the Bonoloto as a reduced version of the La Primitiva lottery, this is because the prices of your bets are lower, but so are the prices, which are also lower. The operation of this draw is the same as that of the Primitiva: for a simple bet, which costs 0.50 euros, you must choose six numbers between 1 and 49.

On the other hand, in multiple bets, more numbers can be played (a maximum of eleven), but the cost of participation is a little higher. As each minimum participation costs 1 euro, they must be played at least two betsthe same day or on different days.

When does Bonoloto play?

The Bonoloto lottery draw takes place in the State Lotteries and Betting Draws Hall, Monday to Saturday at 9:30 p.m..

In this lottery you can make two types of bets: daily and weekly. In the case of day tickets, participation is only valid on the day it was purchased. On the other hand, weekly bets are valid for the day itself and for the rest of the Bonoloto raffles of the week. But keep in mind that the participation can only be used the current week and not the following one. In other words, if purchased on a Wednesday, it will only be valid until Saturday of that same week and not until Wednesday of the following one.

What are the Bonoloto lottery prizes?

The 55% of the total money raised by Bonoloto goes to prizes and the prize pool of the winners of the first category. Because in this lottery, there are different categories of winners: players who match all six numbers in the combination are considered first category.

On the other hand, those who guess five digits and a complementary number are second-order guessers. The complementary number is obtained by drawing a separate draw from the previous six, and only bets from players who have matched five of the six numbers in the daily combination participate in its draw.

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