Belén Esteban, Deluxe: Shocking revelation about his return

The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ returned after the fateful fall suffered in the program: “In three months I had five surgeries and not all of them because of the leg”

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“My head betrayed me.” With this phrase, Belén Esteban summed up the ordeal that has occurred since a few months ago she suffered a raw fall on ‘Sálvame’. “I broke my fibula into a thousand pieces and my shin was chipped and moved. And with my sugar issues,” the talk show host long away from the cameras revealed. “In three months, I went five time in the operating room and not all because of the leg”, he warned.

“I don’t want to scare anyone, but on July 6 I had a review. I do the mammogram and everything is fine. Then they do a cytology and it’s ok, but on the vaginal ultrasound they see that the endometrium is bigger than usual I noticed something was going on I thought of everything and everything He told me that if I was bleeding I had to do a biopsy in emergency,” she excitedly confessed. A few days later, the guest was changing his clothes and started bleeding. His doctor told him he needed to have a biopsy. “I was in the emergency room. operation for two hours and they removed two polyps”, he recalls. All this was kept in the greatest secrecy, even his mother did not know it. “Yesterday they gave me the results and I do not didn’t want to get ahead of the game”, he explained, apologizing to those close to him who discovered him on television. “The result is benign”, he concluded.

Undoubtedly, what most marked the “people’s princess” was her spirit. “My head gave out and I’m in treatment. I have a constant sadness, ”he counted seriously. His accident was real, but Belén doesn’t want to know about it. “I didn’t see the fall and I never intend to see it,” he said. And he recalled the fateful day: “I noticed how my foot broke, when I looked at it, it turned over”.

Once the drink was over, Jesulín de Ubrique’s ex-wife wanted to show how her leg was and removed the bandage. Jorge Javier Vázquez took the opportunity to launch humor. “What you need to do is shave,” he joked. Esteban didn’t take the joke well at all. “What a bastard you are, son of a bitch! he exclaimed. The blood did not reach the river.

Belén broke down in tears when the show showed her a message of love sent by her husband, Miguel. “You are the fundamental pillar of my life. I wish this had happened to me so I wouldn’t see you suffer,” the toilet wrote. The interviewee collapsed. “I was a really bad patient and he put up with it all,” she surmised. Then, looking at the camera, he recalled that the couple had planned to marry in Las Vegas last June and that the mishap disrupted their plans. “I will give my husband the pleasure of getting married in church,” she said.

Esteban reappeared in public a few days ago at Rosalía’s concert. The singer was photographed with her and with Pedro Almodóvar, but Belén cut the filmmaker from the image and was attacked on the networks for it. “I coincided with him in many concerts and he was always very affectionate with me”, he reflected before affirming that he had taken several photos with the artist, “and I did not well done than that one.” After apologizing and claiming that the La Mancha man “is the best director in Spain”, the collaborator promised: “Tomorrow I will post a photo in which we both look magnificent.”

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