Ana María Aldón is looking for a house to start a single life

    It seems that marriage Ana Maria Aldon there Jose Ortega Cano his days are numbered. The rumors that indicate that the separation between the television collaborator and the bullfighter is imminent. In her last public appearance, the Andalusian actively and passively denied that her marriage was over, although she confirmed that there is a great crisis between them. More and more separated, now Ana María Aldón could be looking for a new home for herselfaway from the home she shares with Gloria Camila’s father.

    According to journalist Paloma García Pelayo, Ana María began the complicated search for “a house independent of the marital home“. Information that his partner of ‘Viva la vida’ José Antonio Avilés had already anticipated a few months ago and which could now take even more force. Although at first he thought it was to own a house in Madrid, now the reasons They could be the end of your marriage.

    jjose ortega cano and his wife


    As he pointed out in “The Summer Program”, José Ortega Cano’s wife will not make the decision to change address public and go to say goodbye this weekend to ‘Viva la vida’ and will take a long period of rest to continue with “intensive treatment”. “After the summer we will see a new Ana María Aldón”, wanted to confirm Paloma García Pelayo.

    “It’s a decision they have to make, but as far as I I know they live under the same roof but they lead separate lives“, were the words with which the journalist wanted to confirm that in September they would make their decision public.

    a real hell

    With ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, the problems in her marriage began. The documentary in whichand Rocio Carrasco talked about his mother’s relationship with the bullfighter rocked his marriage. The declaration of love from her husband to Rocío Jurado in which he assured that he is “the great love of his life” was a turning point. To this must be added the bad relationship with Gloria Camila or his cold relationship with Rocío Flores, the media exposure – through exclusives – or the public reproaches he received from the family of José Ortega Cano.

    Although the straw that broke the camel’s back was less than a month ago, when her husband appeared on the show where he worked Glory Camilla-‘It’s already eight o’clock’- and publicly reproached his wife’s attitude. After this call, Ana María decided to put the land between the two and get away from it all.

    Just a few days ago, the television collaborator already recognized Toñi Moreno Emma García who had hit rock bottom y whatand had even contemplated suicide.

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