All Atlético roads lead to Cristiano Ronaldo

Simeon gave the green light Gil Marin He sees it as a great business opportunity and, what’s more important, the player wants to come back to Madrid yes or yes. for Atletico all roads lead to Cristiano Ronaldo, even if the operation is still very complex because of all that it implies, particularly in economic terms, despite the fact that the Portuguese is ready to cut his salary by 30%

The signing of Christian it’s still today impossible for Atlético. Exactly the same as it was Griezmann just a year ago. We had to wait until the last day to adapt to the French and it is possible that the same will happen with the Portuguese this time, although the circumstances are different because then with the economy of the salary of Saul It was enough, something that is no longer enough.

The numbers are very clear: Atlético must sell for a minimum value of 40 million euros to make room for Cristiano. If we take for granted a new cession of Morata to Juventus for 10 million there are still 30 to cover who have to leave Lodi, Saul there Beautifulwhy him Sholo does not want not to hear about a transfer of Correa there Carrasco -although the Belgian’s role in the squad with Cristiano in the starting XI remains to be seen-. A whole bobbin lace.

And to all of this, it should not be forgotten that Manchester United continue to hold their federation rights and that they are of course not going to give it up. We will have to add a transfer and, of course, the corresponding commission for Jorge Mendes, who is the one who moves the whole operation to the back room. In fact, it was he who first slipped this possibility to Atlético.

Among the fans of Metropolitan there continues to be a Clear rejection of Cristiano’s signature, but positions start to soften because part of the fans are starting to understand that they are facing a unique opportunity, as it was two years ago Luis Suarez. And, given the Uruguayan’s performances, it’s clear that such opportunities shouldn’t be missed.

Simeone, who is not fooled, took a pen and paper and started to design a new Atlético with Cristiano in the starting XI, which inevitably happens to return to 4-4-2 and forget the line of the central three. On this new postcard Reinildo would occupy the left side and would allow the Portuguese to take advantage of the entire front of attack on this side. Of course, there is a mystery to be solved. And Carrasco? Simeone, for the moment, has no answer to this.

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