A Córdoba CF with injuries prepares for the check-up against Almería

Things to pieces. The Cordoba CF He welcomed the second week of his pre-season with a barrage of novelties for his scheme: with the first victory under his arm, even if it was in a friendly; boasting of the progress of his subscriber campaign, at the limit of the objective; having already marked its roadmap with the new calendar and after having officially presented its new -and controversial- kits for the next 2022-2023 school year. Situations and contexts that could easily make you lose consciousness on these dates, all the more so because of the temperatures, but for those of German Crespo does not alter the point of view, perched on the UD Almeria (July 23, Montecastillo, 7:30 p.m.). A landmark second step on the agenda of the blanquiverdes friendlies, who after beating Granada, now repeat that particular jingle to score another victory for their start-up.

This is a highly publicized appointment, in front of no less than a newly promoted to first division and another one of the best moving teams in the transfer market when it comes to breathing new life into their block. Without a doubt, another level test, against another rival of superior category and that comes from the dominance of the top three of the Second Division for most of the past year. Now prostrate before the honeys of the national football elite and after managing to collect their first victory of the pre-season in a training match against Velez (1-0), those of Ruby are also taking their first steps in this campaign with the ambition to continue to progress, although shared with the hard bones that those of German Crespo. Sparks will fly.

The first puzzle: the victims

The competition also comes at a special time for Cordoba CF, who after several somewhat hectic work sessions, presents himself for the engagement with a large batch of possible absences, noted after the last double session of the group on Friday. Thus, Germán Crespo will have to juggle to fill the hole on the left side, where Storm Jiménez is practically excluded and in which Jose Calderon could debut after a few days of work with no apparent major issues. carlos danielthe subsidiary’s alternative in the last match against Grenadeat a high level by the way, is added to that of Manolillo like two other possible rounds on the table.

In the rear axis there will also be a similar situation, with the arrival of Jose Alonso, Jose Cruz there Gudelj as doubts The man from Huelva had an overload in his quadriceps which left him out of action in the last working sessions, while the man from Cordoba was not present during the morning session on Friday and the Serb-Dutch finished it without exercising with the group. , in the same way caves in the group, which starts from the same principle for the midfielder.

José Cruz, during training at the Ciudad Deportiva. O. BARIONUEVO

The objective, likewise, will be a field of doubt, with prolonged inconveniences on the part of carlos marinwho returns to leave the blanquiverde goal for the match almost promised for the duo done by Philip Ramos there Jaylan Hankins. Without excluding the participation of the Almería player, even as a striker, this situation seems to postpone his debut with the team for a few more dates.

everyone is here

Outside the infirmary, the appointment before the Almeria It will be the first time that German Crespo You will be able to count on all the ingredients of the new model at your fingertips, after incorporating Cedric Teguia to close the block. In the last friendly at El Arcángel, as many as six of the eight signings made during the summer window made their debuts as Blanquiverdes: Sergio Benito, Jorge Moreno, Ramon Bueno, Christian Carracedo, Youssouf Diarra there Kike Marquezbanners of the steps they now so hope to follow Jose Calderonironically the first signing of the market for the blanquiverde entity, like the own Cedricwhich has already led to several work sessions in group dynamics at a more than remarkable level.

Muscle and new legs for the cause, pointing to a completely different range to the previous one and for which the champions of the subsidiary are also waiting for their chance, with Adrian Turmo, Aitor Brito, Jan Reixach there Christian Delgado looking for a place, particularly active in the last week and waiting their turn to shine with the new plan proposed by the man from Granada.

Cédric Teguia during a shoot during a training session. FCC

The sensations, the goal

After the victory against Grenade and as usual in every preseason, from the entity they have confirmed and reaffirmed that victory is not the goal, but the sensations. The loading of a good tuning during the first measures of the course is always appreciable to start off on the right foot, at least generally, something that the Cordoba CF wants to achieve by repeating last year’s formula. This was proposed by the sports management led by Juanita there Raúl roomwhich during the month of July redoubled its efforts to closed model before even reaching the halfway point of the friendly commitments of their calendar, for which the block will arrive with much of the style and philosophy of his trainer more than assimilated.

A bet full of superstition, based on the good results of the 2022-2023 academic year in Second RFEFlike the realization of the pre-season without arrange for ceremonial use or travel to Bahrain during the winter break. Measures which have borne fruit in the past and which now aim another stage of glory in this second stage to professional football. The first stop after Grenadeeven if it is only a friendly match, against Almeria this Saturday.

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