you need $150,000 GPU

How many years have we used the slogan “Can it work Crysis?” as a means of cataloging that the material was up to par PC Masters Race. And it is that this video game launched in 2007 has long been considered one of the More demanding in terms of hardware. Now a competitor appears that totally destroys it, because it literally requires $150,000 in graphics power to be able to run it, although has a trick.

Today we know the most demanding game in PC history, despite the fact that didn’t even have graphics During a very long time. And that’s it, we’re talking about a AI model (Artificial Intelligence) based on the universe of Dungeons & Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons). We are talking here about a rival that classic video games will probably never reach in terms of requirements. More so, when we say that to make it work we will have to spend over $150,000 on GPUs to have the AI ​​power to make it work.

AI Dungeon becomes the most demanding “game” on PC with hardly any graphics

AI Dungeon Game Graphics Menu

Nick Waltonthe Latitude CEO and software engineer who helped design the code on which this AI project is based, warns of the complexity of his title. And it is that he affirms that if we wanted to run the greatest AI Dungeon of your game AI Dungeonwe would need a cluster of 8 to 16 GPUs of extreme power. In fact, this ensures that these should be more powerful than the best graphics cards that exist in the consumer market.

He mentions that only the AI ​​Dungeon language model, called AI Dungeon Dragon Experienceis based on 178 billion parameters of the model Jurassic-1 Jumbo developped by AI21. This means that the narrative aspect of the game alone requires enormous computing power. At this point, Walton pointed out that the NVIDIA DGX A100 Dockwhich contains 8 NVIDIA H100 GPUsis the benchmark used by Latitude for the most complex AI models in the game.

“AI Dungeon, especially at launch and probably still today, is the most demanding game in terms of graphics card requirements and for a long time had no graphics“, says Nick Walton”.

We’re talking about a cost of 150,000 dollars, the price of one of these compact NVIDIA supercomputers, to run the most demanding PC game to date. However, the company has other AI models that it needs to run in a complementary way. Therefore, it is turning to AI service providers to acquire more graphics power, although it has struggled to do so.

Energy consumption expenses exceed the payroll of its 16 employees and executives

AI Dungeon NVIDIA DGX Station A100 Consumption

Power consumption to run AI Dungeon and its AI models with multiple graphics cards is another additional challenge. In fact, Walton says there was a time when the company spent as much to run its equipment as the payroll of the 16-person high-ranking team. They also add the big difficulty involving working with AIbecause this, sometimes, does not give the results we want and gets out of hand.

In the meantime, he and his team are working on optimizations to make your AI more efficient and master it. This is extremely important, as AI Dungeon is expected to release the next July 28 and Steam. After that, Walton talks about the fact that the AI ​​will allow an experience of freedom and dynamism never seen before, to avoid falling into missions like those of the World of Warcraft, which are the same for everyone. In addition, they worked on a tool to AI based D&D image generationwhich was launched free this week.

“I want to play an experience where I go to a small town and go through all these unique events that no one’s ever lived before, and I end up being the town’s hero,” Nick says. “No other player in the whole game cares about this town, but I do. This is where I had all these beautiful experiences that were unique and where I had the freedom to decide Where is the story going?

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