“The new models will be minimalist”

At the Mini Forum, we talked about mobility, ecology, cars… with three brand ambassadors and its general manager, Carlos Martínez, who gave us very juicy titles on the future of Mini.


In the Mini-forum we had an open debate on many topics around the car under the brand philosophy “Great love”. A way of seeing life in which they engage in diversity and unity to be stronger. Creativity, adventure, inspiration are terms present in the environment mini. Making this philosophy succeed is its biggest challenge and its managing director told us that mini has the opportunity to promote tolerance, equality and solidarity in a diverse world.

In this marvelous environment, we have the company of three of its ambassadors: Laia Sanz, Manu Campa and Daniel Illescas. Three very diverse protagonists, each specializing in a field: a world cup driver, a car painter and an adventurous influencer. The perfect representation of Big Love concept.


And with this philosophy and a good product, it’s no wonder that Mini is doing very well despite the desert that the automotive world is going through.

Carlos Martínez told us that “2024 is going to be the most important year in the history of Mini. We are going to be a brand that has smaller cars, much bigger cars and more 100% electric models. Some will be combustion to make this transition to the all-electric range in 2030.” In addition, the brand director pointed out that the Mini models will be minimalist, with clear spaces, interiors without buttons, with a lot of technology and connectivity. In addition, they will be much more ecological from the point of view of using more recyclable materials, an aspect that does not affect their durability and quality.


Laia Sanz, World Cup pilot

Laia She is known for her participation in the Dakar, first on a motorcycle and then by car. During the Forum, he told us about the electrified future of racing, which is inevitable “Who was going to tell us that we were going to compete with electric cars? Beyond the price of fuel, we must be aware that the planet needs a change”.

Manu Campa: motorized art

Cars ended up being his inspiration, but they weren’t the first thing he painted. He himself admits that “it was a blast in my life. Without knowing what the result was going to be, I discovered a niche that upset me”.


Given the changes involved in the electrical transition, Manu thinks that we live the big challenge to achieve a sustainable world, meeting the needs of people.

Dani Illecas: adventurer and influencer

He has over a million Instagram followers, writes best-selling books and is only 30 years old, but a trip to Africa changed his life and, he tells us, opened his eyes. eyes. When I was there, I wanted to be one more and be able to do my part, as well as be able to raise awareness of what we know here”. From his travels, he takes a lot of things that he tries to transfer to his daily life. Through his followers and his social networks, he thinks he can communicate very well.

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