Telecinco sets a date for ‘Tonight I win’, its new celebrity contest with Christian Gálvez and Carolina Cerezuela

tonight I winthe new competition Telecinco with celebrities, already has a release date. The format presented by Christian Galvez and Carolina Cerezuela will experience its next coming-out Tuesday, July 26 at 9:55 p.m.. The program will occupy the void that until now occupied survivors in the grill.

Telecinco shows the first images of 'Tonight I win', its new competition with celebrities

Telecinco shows the first images of ‘Tonight I win’, its new competition with celebrities

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Edu Soto, Patricia Montero, Belinda Washington, Miriam Díaz-Aroca, The Alcorcón Earthquake, Jorge González, Michelle Calvó, Rocío Madrid, Carlo Costanzia and Ricky Merino are the VIP attendees of the show produced by Bulldog TV. To win, they will have to face challenges of all kinds, including fire, in which they will measure their strength.

“For me it is a challenge to work on such a fun and exciting program, in which important values ​​such as teamwork or sportsmanship, Cerezuela said in a statement, “it is a very rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally, because doing such a complete family format is a ‘candy'”.

Gálvez, for his part, states that “after so much time presenting a certain type of competition in which I already feel very comfortable, being part of tonight I win I allow myself somehow get out of my comfort zone”.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue to learn and value not only the hard training, which there is and a lot in this program, but also concepts such as honor, justice, perseverance and learning which can be extracted from failure, which are very present throughout the competition”.

This is how the famous ten are divided

The ten famous participants of the yo format will be grouped into two teams, Turquoise and Ruby, throughout the competition.

Led by Cerezuela, the ‘Rubí’ team will consist of actress and presenter Belinda Washington; singer, actress and featured comic The earthquake of Alcorcón; actress and former athlete Patricia Montero; singer Jorge González; and actor, singer and model Carlo Constanzia.

Led by Christan Gálvez, the ‘Turquesa’ team will feature the actor, comedian and showman Edu Soto; actress Michelle Calvo; presenter Rocío Madrid; singer, actor and presenter Ricky Merino; and actress and presenter Miriam Díaz-Aroca.

The Mechanic of ‘Tonight I Win’

The scene of tonight I win it will be a plate that will recreate a big theme park games. Competitors will compete each week in individual duels featuring one element from each group. Tests included in five categories will include: strength and agility; resistance, skill and “coconut”; Talent; and back to childhood. In the last, well-known children’s tests will be reformulated.

In each segment of the program, the team members will compete in five individual duels. The pairs of opponents will always be the same throughout the edition and they will be matched in physical strength and stamina to avoid unbalanced duels. The winner of each of the five events will accumulate 2,000 euros in your team’s kitty.

Additionally, Christian and Carolina, the presenters and captains of both rosters, will put all the meat on the grill in a duel between them, the winner of which will give his team an advantage to use in the final event.

The final test will be group challenge in which the two entire teams will compete to determine which of them is proclaimed the winner of the show and thus accumulate 5,000 euros more to their score for the next installment.

In the last program, the ‘Turquesa’ and the ‘Rubí’ will face each other again in a quick test from which a single winning team will emerge, which will add another 10,000 euros to the money accumulated in the pot.

The five winners more a ‘refish’ of the opposing team -the one that has achieved the best performance throughout the edition-, will participate individually in the final rounds and will be eliminated until only the new winner of the competition remains, who will win the amount accumulated in the kitty.

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