sores in the mouth and anus

Spain recorded its first cases of monkeypox May 18. More precisely, there were eight of them and all the Community of Madrid were detected. Since then, the virus has continued to spread. Our country already has 2,653 throughout the territory, Madrid being the most infected region (1,378), followed by Catalonia (478) and Andalusia (333), according to the latest report published by the Ministry of Health.

  1. 1

    Community of Madrid: 1,378

  2. 2

    Catalonia: 478

  3. 3

    Andalusia: 333

  4. 4

    Valencian Community: 107

  5. 5

    Canary Islands: 90

  6. 6

    Balearic Islands: 70

  7. seven

    Basque Country: 56

  8. 8

    Aragon: 37

  9. 9

    Asturias: 23

  10. ten

    Galicia: 21

  11. 11

    Castile-La Mancha: 13

  12. 12

    Castile and Leon: 13

  13. 13

    Extremadura: 10

  14. 14

    Murcia: 8

  15. 15

    Navarra: 8

  16. 16

    Cantabria: 8

An epidemiological situation, for the moment not comparable to that of the coronavirus, which forced the health authorities to act quickly. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Denmark were the first countries to vaccinate close contacts, to which was added later Spain.

At the end of June, the first 5,300 doses of Jynneos, the most effective vaccine against this disease. The Community of Madrid was one of the first autonomies in start inoculation in people at risk of contracting Monkeypox.

Because cutting the transmission is the main objective. And something that can contribute to that is the symptom detection. These are very common signs experienced by those who contract the disease. The Federation of Medical Scientific Associations of Spain (Facme) has prepared a document in which he collects the lesions with which this smallpox begins to manifest itself. The most common are cysts or blisters on the arms and back. These signs are accompanied by fever, fatigue, joint pain and headache.

[El protocolo de Sanidad para tratar la viruela del mono]

However, a study published in the scientific journal “The New England Journal of Medicine” detected new symptoms of the simian virus.

The trial suggests that the infected people tested had previously unrecognized symptoms. These effects include genital lesions and sores in the mouth or anus that led to hospitalization for pain and difficulty swallowing. Consequences similar to those of sexually transmitted infections (ITS), as specified in the report.

“We have shown that current international case definitions need to be expanded to include symptoms that are not currently included, such as mouth sores, anal mucosal sores and simple ulcers. These particular symptoms can be serious and have resulted in hospitalizations, so it is important to make a diagnosis“, said Chloe OrkinProfessor of HIV Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and one of the research participants.

Origin of monkeypox

It was first detected in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970. It has become an endemic disease endemic to West and Central Africa, where it is contracted by thousands of people a year and causes hundreds of deaths. Due to diagnostic difficulties in these territories, there is no total death toll from the simian virus. However, The OMS assured that so far in 2022 it has claimed 70 lives.

In May 2022, UK it was the first European country to confirm the first Monkeypox infections.

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