Selena Gomez celebrates her 30th birthday, more independent than ever

This July 22 celebrates her 30th birthday the talented Selena Gomezwho began her artistic career as an actress in ‘Barney’, but then explored many other facets.

She went from being a Disney girl to forging her own path as a singer, producer, ambassador for humanitarian causes and businesswoman. It’s his story.

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his beginnings

It shouldn’t be surprising that her name is Selena because, in fact, she was inspired by singer Selena Quintanilla, who continues to be an icon for all Latin Americans. And it is that his father is Mexican and his mother was also an admirer of the interpreter of ‘Amor forbidden’, so they wanted to pay tribute to him through his daughter.

Gomez was born in a town in Texas, USA, and her life wasn’t exactly easy. Mandy Teefey had her when she was 16 and five years later split up, taking on the challenge of raising her alone and working through the needs.

However, some time later, life smiled on them when Selena She developed an interest in acting and managed to participate in “Barney and Friends” with her best friend, Demi Lovato..

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From then on, other characters came in the series ‘Zack and Cody’ and in ‘Spy Kids’, but it was not until 2007 that he played ‘Alex Russo’ in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and achieved worldwide fame.

Selena Gomez & The Scene: her first approach to music

Gomez got her start recording soundtracks, like the famous “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” for “Another Cinderella Story.” After that formed his own band: Selena Gomez & The Scenea project with which he released his first studio album entitled ‘Kiss & Tell’ and of which we highlight songs such as ‘Naturally’ and ‘Falling Down’.

The following year, in 2010, he explored his Latin side with the Spanish version of ‘Ghost of you’ and ‘A year without rain’.

Côté that we saw again with the recording of some songs by Selena Quintanilla, included in the album ‘For you’, and with the EP ‘Revelación’, in which she sings songs in Spanish and collaborates with representatives of the urban genre such as Rauw Alejandro and Myke Towers.

The search for herself

Many would believe that being in a position like Selena’s makes life easier. Why not? If you have the fame and the money. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It is well known that his most famous relationship, with the singer justin bieber, led to a toxic love that he depicts very well in ‘The heart wants what it wants’. After the breakup and struggling with personal issues related to depression, it was difficult for her to get on stage.

In fact, one of the most special presentations for their fans is that of the 2014 American Music Awardswhen he sang that song live for the first time, almost bringing him to tears right there and arranging the song at the end with the line “I thought you were the only one”.

What followed was a very delicate decline in his health. The The singer and actress has always bravely faced the fact that she suffers from lupus, and allowed her fans to follow her in the treatment of this serious disease which attacks your immune system.

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This diagnosis usually presents itself in different ways and usually affects healthy body organs, impairing their normal functioning. For this reason, in September 2017, she underwent surgery after need a kidney transplant.

One of her best friends decided to be the donor, to which Selena commented: “There are no words to describe how grateful I am to my beautiful friend Francia Raisa.”

All of these situations led her on a personal path to cultivate empowerment. She underwent rehabilitation to treat her depression and the music also helped her.

In 2020 he confessed to ‘Interview’ magazine how he wrote ‘Get lost for loving me’ and he said: ‘I wrote it early last year when I was just out of treatment . It was a moment where I was like, ‘I’m ready to get in the studio with people I trust and start working on songs.’ (…) When I wrote the song, I was basically saying that you had to hit rock bottom to understand that there was a huge veil over my face.”.

Your role as an entrepreneur

All of the above brings us to his current facet, one in which he is not necessarily in the spotlight to develop closeness with his followers and help out in some way.

Gomez launched her makeup brand called ‘Rare Beauty’which translates as ‘rare’ or ‘exceptional’, to combat stereotypes, because according to her: “There’s a lot of pressure for you to be sort of. (…) It’s a mark of accepting who you are, loving yourself as you are and what you look like. It’s a safe place where people feel comfortable knowing it’s okay not to look like everyone else.”

Through his line he also raises awareness of mental health and does not hesitate to share messages of encouragement to those who need it.

It currently appears in “Only Murders in the Building” with model and actress Cara Delevigne, and together they are revolutionizing social networks. So if you want to celebrate Selena’s birthday in some way, we recommend watching the show!

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