Rocío Carrasco accuses Rosa Benito of being the “mole” of the most “humiliating” act of her mother, Rocío Jurado

Rocio Carrasco keep pulling the blanket and revealing chapters of the past that they have caused him great existential pain and have been the basis for which he does not maintain a relationship with much of his family members. He does so in a new chapter of the second season of his documentary series, ‘In the name of Rocio’where benedictine rose came out particularly bad for its new reveals. Rocío Carrasco wants to do justice to the memory of his mother, sworn dewand this happens by publicly denounce who the ‘mole’ is who divulged one of the most painful episodes that the singer had to go through. An event her injured daughter can only describe as “humiliating”.

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In this new episode, titled ‘Killing the lion’, some images have been recovered from the media archives in which Kiko Matamoroswith Rosa Benito, details a strong family meeting played during a tense dinner during which they ended up discussing Rocío Jurado, Jose Ortega Cano and Rose herself. Apparently, in the mouth of the collaborator, the singer reproached her husband for having defended her sister-in-law on her and the situation became so delicate that, according to the confirmation of Rosa Benito, Rocío Jurado ended up “pissing herself because of the nerves of the moment”. A moment of tension that her daughter now wanted to qualify and shed light on what happened, in addition to denouncing the fact that this anecdote was mentioned in public judge “humiliating” for the public image of his mother.

It is clear that the information that Kiko Matamoros gives concerning my mother is given by Rosa Benito, because, if it’s true, if Rosa didn’t tell her, no one else can tell her,” maintains Rocío Carrasco, annoyed by this delicate leak on a complicated chapter that took place in the privacy of his mother’s house. Rocío Carrasco feels that her aunt betrayed the trust her mother had placed in her for so many years by working side by side to stay in her job at ‘Save me‘ and does not hesitate to condemn It’s “humiliating that someone says that”seeing him useless and knowing the pain it would cause those who love Rocío Jurado above all else, as it does.

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“What they didn’t count on was that I was also at that dinner and I know what happened“, begins to say Rocío Carrasco, who wants to clarify that there are many points on which Rosa Benito and Kiko Matamoros did not tell the whole truth or would have made up to supposedly make Rocío Jurado look bad. Now , his daughter recognizes that the reason for the family dispute was José Ortega Cano’s “we are so happy” and that it was the bullfighter who “He confronts Rosa and my mother gets involved, but it’s not true that my mother confronts José”. Moreover, in defense of the singer’s memory, he would like to point out that “It’s not true that my mother insults him. It’s not true”.

Moreover, contrary to the idea that had prevailed until then, according to which Rocío Jurado had a strong character and was capable of confronting her husband to be heard, his daughter took advantage of this “humiliating” episode to emphasize that her mother had lost strength because of the way: “A moment came when I didn’t have the courage to do what they said and throw eggs at José. She was no longer able to lay eggs on him.”, reveals, revealing her mother’s more vulnerable side, unknown to most. An appreciation that makes him condemn to solve this problem and move on to the next one that “Ortega Cano did not behave well with Rocío Jurado, who was my mother, he made her suffer.”

When did Rocio Jurado die?

The artist died on June 1, 2006 at her home in La Moraleja.

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