Resounding success of LOS40 Playa Pop 2022 in San Pedro de Pinatar (Murcia) | Radio

San Pedro del Pinatar, in the Region of Murcia, once again hosted the great summer festival: LOS40 Playa Pop 2022, and there are now 24 editions of this unique festival. This year again it was a resounding success thanks to an extensive line-up and thousands of people coming to the local festival site to defy the high temperatures with the best music.

Tony Aguilar was the presenter of this event which is already a classic and “the greatest concentration of artists on the banks of the Mar Menor” and which begins long before the artists take the stage. During the day, the participating artists met for a convivial meal among all. Later, they boarded the tourist train that travels through the Salinas y Arenales Regional Park, where they saw numerous colonies of pink flamingos that have become the tourist emblem of the municipality. They also enjoyed the local cuisine at the MardeSal restaurant and the spa at the Thalasia hotel.

At show time, the audience has already filled the room to enjoy a unique evening. The first to start his performance was the Murcian Adrien Munoz with the theme Volver a verte, the song that works as the melody of the summer program of the SER in the Region of Murcia “La Radio al Sol”. They then acted David CavaSlow, to forge there marbleseach with a different proposal, but all representing the new generation of Spanish artists who have established themselves.

Jennifer Red, Charles on the right, SamuraiMantra and Fabio Colloricchio they were the next to present their songs to the public of San Pedro. to fall in love Leo Rizzy, who was one of the sensations of the evening with a very personal and powerful style. Then it was the turn of the Murcians Flavioone of the most remarkable artists of the last editions of OT and for depol, who triumphs with his song who would sayas good as twin melodyfamous for their triumph on TikTok and for having started their musical career with a firm step, and the Cordovan Hugo Cobo.

In the home stretch of the show, we witness the staging of Remember Jonesone of the most beloved artists of the LOS40 Playa Pop family, Miki Nunezwho represented Spain at Eurovision in 2019 with La venda, Cepedaone of the most anticipated performances of the evening, and to close, the Romanian artist WRSwho represented his country at the recent Eurovision Song Contest and whose theme Call me It became an infallible success.

WRS performed the song that launched them to international fame, Call me, with its catchy chorus of “hello my baby be…call me, call me” and dared with an original version of the “Gipsy Kings”. He proved to be endowed with a great personality on stage and an accomplished dancer. To close the night, the session of DJ Taoone of the most prestigious in the country, who has traveled the five continents with his performances.

In short, a night in which we returned to recover the best of the concerts, after the 2021 edition with a capacity limited to only a thousand people and with the public seated, LOS40 Playa Pop returned in a big way for, directed by Tony Aguilar , for to be able to continue boasting of being one of the most important musical events of the year in the Region of Murcia.

Next year, LOS40 Playa Pop turns 25, and work is already underway to celebrate this milestone as the occasion deserves.

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