Rafa Mora, after being ridiculed, shows his penis to Carmen Borrego live


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Everything for the public. This is the message you have ‘Save me‘ (Telecinco) burned on fire since its inception, however, it seems that this maxim is currently gaining more force than ever. “Muds” that discover
Kiko Matamoros
passing for ”
pull evil
to which you have already referred
Kiko Hernández
to attract those viewers who for some time now seem to no longer have everything going for them and who have ceased to be so loyal to the show, usually hosted by
Jorge Javier Vazquez
so for ‘
Save me
“The end always justifies the means. Thus, this Thursday, the Telecinco program hit rock bottom with Raphael Mora starring in a live scene that went beyond the limits of television.

Save me“He came hot with a big fight between Carlos Lozano, presenter of the version”
‘y Raphael Moraregular collaborator of ‘
Save me
‘. The two saw each other’s faces after a week ago the presenter played with the size of the Extronist’s attributes.

Carlos Lozano he began his participation by acknowledging that at that moment he had been elated. “I’m hot and it makes me sad to see myself like this,” the ‘Sálvame Sandía’ presenter said, trying to salvage his pluses and minuses with Raphael Mora. But,
Maria Patino
He intervened and his appreciation served to reignite a fight with Rafa Mora’s genitals as the target. “At the end of the day, see two guys referencing muscles and see who has the bigger one,” Patiño pointed out.

Carlos Lozano he forgot his first words and returned to the accusation against the collaborator. “The penis thing is because you said it in the ‘Save Me From The Snow’ week that I presented,” the presenter said, while Raphael Mora He denied making such a statement.

After a few minutes of discussion, Raphael Mora He ended by pointing out that he didn’t care what they said about his penis. “I don’t mind if you say bald because I’m not or that I have a little bald because I don’t. That you tell me that I am a little fat in this case you are right, ”said the
of ‘Save me‘.

Rafa Mora shows his penis to Carmen Borrego

Next, Carmen Borrego, who was also on set, commented that someone also told him the same thing about his genitals. “I received a message in an advertisement from someone who says he can prove it because he saw it and says you have it small”, launched the sister of Terelu Campos, this who brought him to Raphael Mora do what no one thought they would live.

“I dare you to come out and show it to me,” he said. Carmen Borrego to the collaborator, who took the challenge to heart and took the collaborator from ‘Save me‘ to the bathroom where he showed her his penis live.

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from Telecinco, Carmen Borrego said she was “pretty normal”, an assessment that qualified Raphael Mora to decide: “I’ve never boasted of having fat, but above average, yes”.

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