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Instagram maintains a battle to regain the throne that has been gradually taken away from it ICT Tac. Hace ya dos años que estrenaron los Reels de Instagram, su formato de vídeo corto que busca imitar a la red social china y que poco a poco ha ido tomando relevance hasta el point de desplazar otras important secciones de la application como las stories e incluso photos.

Meta’s plans are now to port the Reels to the next level, so from the next few weekseverything videos less than 15 minutes long that are shared on the platform will be automatically converted to coils, as announced by the company in his website.

This format change will not apply to videos that have been previously posted to the announcement and will continue to appear as normal videos.

Public reels can be used by any user

From Meta they explained that the public account videos instagram can be recommended to more people, if they are less than 90 seconds long, even if the original author is not tracked. In the case of private accounts, Reels will only be seen by followers, as always.

Moreover, with this novelty the Public account reels can be used by any user to make remixes, collaborations or duets. For their part, the Video and Reels tabs will be merged to transfer content into the same space.

New editing tools

Another important announcement that the social network made is the integration of new creation and editing tools, which will make it easier for Reels users to create and share their videos.

Thus, the Reels editor is armed with three new options:

  • Use public photos to make remixes custom: an option that opens up a range of editing possibilities.
  • Customizing reels with more backgrounds: With this option, you can choose between green screen, split screen, both horizontally and vertically, or reaction view to add commentary to existing reels.
  • Remix: When making a remix, instead of your clip playing with the original, it can be added at the end to play them sequentially.

Of course, this remix option might not be to everyone’s taste, so Instagram has added a new privacy option. So by default, if your account is public, all your videos will be able to be part of the remix, but there will be an option that will allow you to remove this option, and on the other hand you can also allow them to be shared on other other streams without explicit permission. You can disable these options on each video individually.

Beyond these new tools, Instagram wants to promote the creation of Reels, so the social network has also focused on updating templates, and this way you only have to choose the template you want. prefer and add your own photos and videos.

And finally, it is now possible to activate the front and rear camera to record simultaneouslyso you can record the content and your reaction at the same time.

Image: goal official blog.

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