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TikTok has become a benchmark for sharing multimedia content as a social network, and it is not surprising that the competition is constantly evolving so as not to lose users. An example is the news that was announced instagramproperty of Meta, and which has to do with Reels.

one of the greats the additions that arrive on the platform is the possibility of using pictures -in addition to videos- when making the creations we are talking about. Obviously, this greatly increases the options available to users, which is always a good thing to keep Instagram’s appeal intact. In addition to what is shown, there are now new models in Remix, as a very interesting one that takes reactions as a reference. There is also the one that allows to see the split screen to display different options.

Note that it is now also possible include a Remix at the end of a Reel, so it is a combination that can be very striking for most users who have an Instagram account. This can be especially useful when you want to make an immediate impact with your content.

New options on Instagram


More news coming to Instagram

Some of the most important have to do with being able to find more models when creating coils. It was much needed as this option had been somewhat stagnant and as a result many were looking for third-party creations to find something that grabbed their attention and made their creation something different. It’s also worth noting something that makes TikTok more like Meta’s social network: the ability to do recordings with both phone cameraswhich allows you to see what you intend to highlight and, of course, the creator himself (for example).

Also today, an option was confirmed that has long been speculated to hit Instagram: the option to convert videos which has less than 15 minutes on Reels directly. This tries to make this type of content more present in the application and, therefore, to increase its attractiveness. In addition, it allows you to centralize everything related to these creations in one place. This news will arrive shortly and there will be no changes in what has to do with the recommendations, so you don’t have to worry if you want to pass unnoticed if your profile is private.

Lots of improvements to compete with TikTok

It is logical that this is so, since the growth of this social network is exponential and exceeds the rest of those in the market, so you have to put all the meat on the grill so as not to be seen crushed for her. There are several examples of instagram effortslike being able to shop directly in messages sent to businesses or improving the monetization professional creators get with their news.

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