Melani Olivares defies Instagram rules with a topless in Ibiza

The summer It officially started a month ago. This is why the familiar faces of the international scene took the opportunity to take a few days off after these months of work. As is the case with Melanie Olivares, who shared a photograph on his social networks, thus circumventing the rules of the platform. In this photo appears the one who was part of the cast of Aída topless, but in the chest area she put a forbidden emoticon.

Melani Olivares on Instagram / Instagram @melaniolivares
Melani Olivares on Instagram / Instagram @melaniolivares

“The Virgin and her Apostle. Ibiza Locomoy. PS: Let’s see how long it will take them to take our picture away from us,” Melani said. As expected, the post was soon filled with many comments from the most current characters in the social chronicle of our country. In this case, we can see writings of Blanca Romero, Secun de la Rosa and Silvia Abascal, among others. Moreover, the image got more than 25 likes in just a few hours.

On the other hand, Olivares has also published a carousel of photographs in which he appears with his closest entourage on the so-called “beautiful island”. In them you can see how they pose smiling a few days of relaxation in front of the camera lens. Melani wasn’t the only celebrity to defy Instagram barriers. Just a few days ago, Rosa Olucha, Santi Millán’s partner, published a photo of the presenter doing nudism in Menorca.

Santi Millán on Instagram / Instagram @rosaolucha
Santi Millán on Instagram / Instagram @rosaolucha

After being embroiled in controversy over the compromised video that went viral in which Santi was dating a blonde woman, the marriage has shown that it is more united than ever. So much so that the producer spoke up after what happened. “I’m fine. You should ask how he’s doing. He was the one who suffered an invasion of his privacy, which, by the way, is a crime. Your privacy. Yours and no one else’s,” he first said on his Instagram account.You don’t have to feel sorry or support anyone. i am not a victimOh here, there are no groups or properties. Neither he is mine nor I am his. For those of you who don’t know (and I’m sorry), there are several types of families. For us, freedom, respect and tolerance are the pillars on which we have built this project. We’ve traveled many miles together and much further apart, tripped a thousand times, talked when needed, changed pace when we were tired and so far not so bad.” he adds.

Melanie Olivares
Melanie Olivares / Gtres

The setback suffered by Melani Olivares

At the beginning of June, Melani Olivares was the victim of a robbery. “my car was stolen -a black BMW X3, license plate xxx, used in the Pedro Zerolo parking lot, to Madrid”, She said on her social networks very indignant.

Due to the commotion that formed, a follower put the license plate on and found that it had been repossessed. However, Olivares highlighted this information. “It’s true, but it’s not embargoed now. It was seized two months ago. It’s true that there was a move with the Treasury, I hadn’t been able to pay because we remember that the actors of the pandemic could not work at all. I could not pay, but everything is already paid with the postponements and everything. Nothing is under embargo anymore”, he added.

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