Maserati Project24: a new toy circuit is coming

The MC20 engine evolves up to 750 horsepower in this new project from the brand with the trident

The Maserati Project24 is a circuit supercar currently in the development phase. Presented in July 2022, it announces 750 horsepower that will come from the same twin-turbo V6 engine that powers the MC20. Its price has not yet been confirmed, nor the time of its arrival.

Project24’s mission is to “take the brand’s unlimited performance to a new level of adrenaline”. It could be understood as the maximum expression of the Neptunethe Maserati-designed twin-turbo V6 engine that debuted in the MC20 and which also equips the convertible version of it, the MC20 Sky.

He cannot travel by road.


The length of the Maserati Project24 has not yet been confirmed, but the brand has announced that it will be 2.02 meters wide and 1.22 meters high.

His weight will be below 1,250 kilos. To achieve this, the brand will make extensive use of carbon fiber.

Its exterior design bears the signature of the Maserati Centro Stile design center.

The rear wing and the aerodynamic appendages of the front part will be adjustable, thus adapting the cornering support of the Project24 to the needs of each circuit.

The headlights will be of the led type.

The wheels will be forged aluminum and will be 18 inches in diameter. It will be offered with slick tyres.




Interior images of the Maserati Project24 have yet to see the light of day, although the brand has already predicted that it will be a true racing car.

As standard, it will be offered with a single seat for the driver, although if the buyer wishes, he can request a second seat to accompany an attendant.

It will have a carbon fiber racing steering wheel with an integrated screen that will display the most important parameters of the vehicle.

It will be air conditioned.

The safety belt will have six fixing points, as is customary in high level competitions.

As an option, it will include a reversing camera, a system to record telemetry and a camera inside the vehicle to record the action.

As an option, it can also include sensors that will accurately monitor tire pressure.

The pilot and co-pilot will be protected by a safety cage and will also have a fire extinguisher at their disposal for any possible emergency.


At the heart of the Maserati24 project is the Neptunethe same motor found in the MC20.

It’s a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that puts out 750 horsepower, which is 120 more horsepower than the road-ready MC20.

The power gain over the MC20 is achieved in part through new turbochargers.

The gearbox will be sequential and will include six gears, and will be controlled by two paddles located behind the steering wheel.

The power-to-weight ratio will be close to 1.69 pounds for every horsepower.

The ventilated brakes will carry the Brembo stamp and come directly from the competition.


Pricing for the Maserati Project24 has yet to be confirmed. Its production will be limited to only 62 copies.





Presentation of the Maserati24 project.

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