María Lo’s blow after winning the tenth edition of MasterChef

Mary Lo became the winner of the tenth edition of Chef after a close final that ended up bearing his name. After a first kitchen and the mythical outdoor test, which she did not have to contest because she was already selected as a duelist in the first, the final battle arrived.

On one side of the stove? Maria Lo. In the other ? Speedwell, second finalist of the evening. Both have drawn up their own menus in an attempt to secure the long-awaited prize.

Finally, it was the woman from Cadiz who imposed herself with a menu that began with an ode to Cadiz, continued with a Galician-Catalan fusion and ended with a dessert with aromas of the Orient.

However, the publishing grand prize ended up being a bittersweet triumph, since, shortly after her victory, María Lo lost a loved one.

The sad loss he experienced after his triumph

María said it in a recent interview with the 20 minutes a daythat more than once the possibility of get the trophy because he has a lot of gastronomic knowledge.

In this way, the applicant 32 years old She defined herself as “a very weird aunt” and a lover of “real cooking”.

But of course it’s not just what you cook, it’s how you handle the tests, how the pressure may or may not… “There are a lot of factors. still can’t do it,” he said.

However, Maria Lo’s victory proved somewhat bittersweet, as a week later she had to come to terms with the death of her father.

“He died on May 7 and I had left MasterChef a week before. He couldn’t attend the final because he was sick,” he admitted to the 20 minutes a day.

“They protected me a lot because my father was the first to say, ‘don’t say anything to the girl, who is living her dream and I know it will affect her on her way'”, he said. added.

However, the young woman said she very much regretted the fact that her father was not in the grand finale, since, in a way, she dedicated her menu to him: “This great passion for cooking comes from him” , He confessed in the interview.

However, the young chef said she felt lucky to spend the last week of her life with him and tell him all about what she had been through and what she had achieved.

“At least I was able to share it with him, that for me was essential,” said the chef, thus explaining the reason why his father could not attend the grand final.

What are your next projects ?

After the feat achieved and the notoriety obtained, Cadiz expressed its desire to stay connected to the kitchen.

“I am going to go to Basque Culinary Center because I want to keep learning and because for me it’s the best price. I can’t wait to go to Donosti and go back to studying,” the cook said in the interview.

It should be noted that among the options it manages is the open a restaurant in Barcelona with dishes that identify with it. However, for the moment, this project is not immediate.

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