Fidel Albiac suggested that Rocío Jurado be treated in Houston

    The new program of the docu-series ‘In the name of Rocío’, Rocio Carrasco revealed how his mother, Rocío Jurado’s medical cancer treatment was developed. A dear treatment that took place in Houston for several weeks and is the subject of discussions in recent months among the media family of Rocío Jurado. And that’s it, we wondered who was the one who thought of this trip and who paid the bills for the stay in the United States and the medical treatments. Details of what Carrasco talked about in this new episode of the series.

    Although Rocío Carrasco made it clear that going to the United States was his mother’s decision, pointed out that it was not the singer who put on the table the possibility of going to Houston. “We knew he had cancer but we had the name, we lacked the surname and it couldn’t be known without an operation,” Rocío Carrasco explained in the docuseries. It was at this time, according to the story of the singer’s daughter, that her husband proposed to her.

    Rocio Jury and Ortega Cano in Seville


    “Fidel came in saying he wanted to talk to us alone. He told him : ‘Find out you have a lion in front of you and you only have one bullet, if you use it, it’s to kill him because otherwise it eats you, I think the best is Houston’. She replied saying that she thought the same”, assured Rocío Carrasco. And the fact is that they both had a great relationship, which Rocío Carrasco remembered in tears: “He isand behaved very well with her, very much. Since they know it’s the truth, they know that saying things that are against me hurts me, because they are lies. The truth is that.”

    Sin embargo, Carrasco ha destacado que Ortega Cano se opuso a hacer el viaje pero a ella le dio igual, un detalle que hizo que la estancia la pagara la cantante, algo que el ex torero ha negado en varias ocasiones: “Mi madre tenía claro What Ortega was not going to payit has always been very tight. He never had any money and he always disappeared. Ortega was counting on my mom to get the card no problem“.

    And it is that, the relationship between the couple was in a cold moment. “He fell in love during the relationship, he was responsible for making her fall in love. There are behaviors of José that I can even understand at that time, I was sunk. I thought that at least he had it, it was his conscience that wouldn’t let him, the one that made him leave. His head won’t let him live when he realizes she’s gotten sick.”

    Rocio Jury and Ortega Cano


    Rocío Jurado made the decision to make it public

    In addition, Rocío Carrasco also shared how she was diagnosed with cancer: “They were doing the summer galas and she went to Chipiona. She had a stomach ache and she started to get sick and jaundiced. After calling my cousin Ani, she goes to the doctor in Cadiz and tells him that he has to go to Madrid now so that they can see him. The nurse who was there said to him: ‘good luck’. At that time, he was aware of what could be happening. In Madrid, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctor told me that 80% don’t pass it and I, me naive, I said to him: ‘I don’t care, she is in the remaining 20’. My mum sank but she didn’t show it to anyone.”

    It is precisely the singer who decided to publicly announce his illness during a press conference in the garden of his houseuntil he forbade all his relatives to speak about it publicly: “The day before this press conference, he had spoken with his neighbor to call the notary and make the will“.

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