Fidel Albiac intervened between Amador and Gloria Mohedano

    The new program of the docu-series ‘In the name of Rocío’, Rocio Carrasco revealed how his mother, Rocío Jurado’s medical cancer treatment was developed. A dear treatment that took place in Houston for several weeks and what was it put on the table by Fidel Albiac. In addition, she discussed her husband’s relationship with the rest of the media family during the last years of Rocío Jurado’s life, which underlined that she was not only cordial but also essential so that to On some occasions, the singer’s brothers continue to maintain a close relationship like the one they have today.

    Fidel Albiac had a close relationship with all members of the Mohedano family to the point of having been intermediate in relationship between Gloria and Amador“This relationship has never been bad, ever. Fidel’s relationship with my family has been better, many times, than the one I had.”

    Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac


    According to Rocío Carrasco, Fidel was in charge of interceding between his uncles during one of the last Christmases they spent together. Apparently, Amador made a contract with TVE for Rocío Jurado to be, but Gloria made another deal on him, forcing him to break it, “and he goes into it.” “He says he doesn’t want to see Gloria in any way and is fed up with her interceding in his work.“, a quarrel that makes them not want to coincide at Christmas. “Fidel got involved, he knew what it would mean for my mother, that one of them is missing. He was talking to both of them.” Finally, they all agreed for Christmas.

    Antonio David, reason for Fidel’s rejection

    After this anecdote, Rocío Carrasco pointed out that “To pay attention to someone, the less you need to have esteem and affection because otherwise you don’t pay attention to what they tell you”, presenting it as proof of the good relationship that existed between them all with her husband. “In my house there has never been bad agreement with Fidel Albiacthis was all a result of joining the being and starting to shoot where they know it hurts me.”

    For his part, Rocío Carrasco pointed out that during the singer’s illness, it was the time when Antonio David strengthened his relationship with members of the media family. “It was first with Mosquera, then with José Antonio and I guess later with Amador and he announces it”, explains the protagonist of ‘In the name of Rocío’. “He knew perfectly well where his children were, he went to journalists to have his picture taken with the mother of his children.”

    In 2005, Amador Mohedano clarified in Salsa Rosa that Antonio David was not a saint of his devotion, “but how things change”, emphasizes Rocío Carrasco. Even the journalist Paloma García Pelayo Admits in Docuseries That She Passed Amador’s Phone to Antonio David to connect with the family in these difficult times. “It was surely him who started giving him information” which he then revealed on the set, underlines Rocío Carrasco, he assures.

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