Curro Díaz and David Galván on the shoulders in the afternoon of Anonymous Miuras

tenuous Seneca this man suffered more often In the imagination than in reality. If something characterizes a Miura It is precisely his ability to fear the worst and be prepared for disaster. Garlands are the exception and dislikes the norm. Therefore, the Miura are stoic by nature. On one occasion, several journalists publicly congratulated Edward -the sixth generation with his brother Anthony– for a big bullfight he had just faced in a famous place. His response was immediate: “It only indicates that the bad bulls are still on the farm”.

Miura is a miracle, a unique case in the history of bravo ranching -and almost in the business world- because he belonged to the same family during business two centuries, since its foundation in 1842 by a hatter. The last time the legendary Sevillian currency traded The design line It was July 23, 1950, seventy-two years ago, on a poster formed by the rejoneadora Conchita Cintron and right-handers Antonio Caro, Jose Maria Martorell there Pablo Lalande.

If in the past advertising with the Miura granted epic and prestige, now the most quoted figures are those who are allowed to avoid them. Despite the years that have passed, black legend continues to hover unjustly over them, death beneath their pythons of Grandpa, Alfa and of course, manolete. In La Línea, this Friday they announced Curro Diaz, Manuel Escribano and David Galvan.

the company of the sandbank insisted, one more day, that bulls be anonymous. Always not Clipboard nor distribution of a sheet at the entrance with the data of the day of celebration. This circumstance led to a situation something shocking. During the veterinary examination preceding the bullfight, it was decided to reject one of the Miuras because he was strangers with a view. Instead, he entered a patch of Gavira that in the draw it was David Galván’s turn. When he walked out the door of the pigsty, the audience was surprised. “What a rare Miura bull!“, was heard among the lines because his work was not reminiscent of that brought up in Zaharich. But without a tablet, it is impossible to know its origin.

Gavira’s, to make matters worse, would have filled six years in the month of December. it was a bull corraleado, vicious and absolutely cracked which, a third of the banderillas, accumulated in tables. There was no one to get him out of there and the gangs didn’t know how to get their hands on him. I tried to put pair of bias, without success. After several unsuccessful attempts, the presidency decided to change the third without the bull catching a single reel. an unusual event. In the crutch third, as expected, Galván couldn’t get a single pass either. If, although anonymous, a Miura bullfight is announced with great fanfare, let the hats be up to par and not be wasted ink. The cheap, in the end, always ends up being expensive.

Curro Díaz was frankly well throughout the afternoon and came out on the shoulders after cutting off an ear to each of his lot. Both pushes were monumental. How solemn is the supreme death when executed by right! He first drew lots for a good Miura, named setter, a little soft in the hands, but noble and repetitive, which he pressed on the chopping horse. The audience acclaimed it how beautiful it was. of the Linaresafter raise a toast to Ruiz Miguel, he fought it with pleasure and dismay; first halfway up, then lowering the hand. He ended up giving up with Barquero, who was applauded in the flirt. In the fourth, only the push already deserved the ear. During work it rang Joyful Francis and a certain portion of the audience could not help humming the pasodoble. They put a name on the posters that I don’t want to look at.

Escribano cut an ear in the second, a Miura who, from afar, galloped briskly towards the horse. It’s a shame that in the second period they wore him down with so much running and slamming. Flags should be a monument of efficiency and brevity, even if the matador puts them on. Turn this chance into a chain of cuts, in the end, warms up the audience but burn the bull. Escribano could not fight his fifth because, precisely as a banderilla, he suffered calf injury Suddenly his face changed. The fat must be the damage to be able to read the pain on the face of the bullfighter Gerena, harder than flint. Glad that Miura in his place Curro Díaz, director of fights. As his manager explained after the bullfight, he suffers a veal tear that prevents you from setting foot on the ground.

Galván came out before whoever was closing the place with the desire to recover the opportunity he had lost due to Gavira’s mako shark. contracts are rare and it was not a question of spoiling the occasion. He toasted the audience and was very brave in the face of a Miura in danger. Another oriented bull, with the face of an old man and about to be six years old. Whoever took Cadiz’s piece of paper in the draw didn’t have his day. For all this accumulation of circumstances, the presidency granted him both ears, allowing him to accompany Curro Díaz at the beginning of the shoulder. Nail dozen children jumped into the arena to accompany the bullfighters in triumph.

party card

arena of The design line. Second celebration of the Fair. bulls of Miura and a (3rd) patch of Gavira1st acclaimed in drag. Curro Diazpeacock blue and gold, ear, ear and silence; Notary Manualof purple and gold, ear in the only one who treated; David Galvan, ash and jet, silence and two ears. More than half a square.

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