Belén Esteban reveals in ‘Deluxe’ that she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a polyp

Belén Esteban reappeared today on ‘Friday Deluxe’ three months after her fall and said that in those months she had had up to five surgeries and not just for her leg but also for a polyp that had to be removed

Bethlehem Esteban He had a very special night. Three months after the accident he suffered at ‘Sálvame’ and which led him to undergo surgery for a fractured tibia and fibula with his subsequent rehabilitation, he finally returned to television. The collaborator was the great protagonist of the evening in “Friday Deluxe”, where she starred in a long-awaited meeting with her colleagues. Belén arrived on set visibly nervous and excited, because after these difficult months for her, she is finally getting back to normal little by little. But the road was easy. In fact, as soon as he walked on set, he said that He was operated on up to five times in those months and not just because of his leg problem.

Belén Esteban told Jorge Javier that “in three months I had five surgeries, and not all of them for the leg”. It’s something that even some of those closest to you didn’t know. As he said, “I apologize to my mother and my brothers because they didn’t know. Only the people who lived in our house knew them. Something happened to me that I didn’t say because yesterday they gave me the results and I didn’t want to come forward”. Later he said that “I have had lumps in my chest for a few years. July 6th it was time for a breast exam. It was time for a mammogram and I still have lumps But I’m not in danger. They do a cytology and give the right one. But he does a vaginal ultrasound and there they see that the endometrium is bigger than usual. My gynecologist told me and I said oh, there’s something wrong here, I could tell something was wrong.” One more concern for Belén Esteban who continued with an urgent biopsy due to haemorrhage.

Bethlehem Esteban

Belén Esteban during his reappearance in ‘Friday Deluxe’.


Bethlehem Esteban She said she had to go into the operating room on a Saturday where she was accompanied at all times by Miguel Marcos, who has not left him in recent months. “I sat with the fear that you would die, I spent two hours in the operating room, they removed a polyp that I had, they cleaned me and yesterday they gave me the results.” Belén revealed that “it’s benign and I’m going to spend time with things about the women’s troubles that we have, but I want to talk to you about it because I don’t want to be an example for anyone, but I want to say to everyone that women should do their checkups because it would have been worse. Don’t be afraid because the doctors help us a lot and we have to have confidence, which I didn’t have.”

On how she is and what her state of mind has been during this time, Belén Esteban He said: “I don’t suffer from depression, but I have constant sadness. I know there is better, but also worse. My head failed me this time and I am with an aid which is useful to me”. That of Paracuellos recognized that it was better, but it is still not one hundred percent. And he took advantage of his stay on the set to thank the entire medical team who treated him as well as all the family and friends who were by his side.

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