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Among the many quality cars on the market today for young people is the Toyota Aygo X Cross. As soon as you see it, it feels bigger than the previous Aygo (dry, without X) which it replaces. It has a lot more packaging. In reality, gives off a certain SUV air which catches the eye. In addition, its modern and resolutely Japanese design, almost comic manga type, draws attention.

But despite being halfway between a car and an SUV, it’s small. Only It is 3.70 meters long, 1.51 high and 1.74 wide.

With these measures, of course, one cannot ask for a lot of habitability on board or a large trunk. The latter is of 231 liters. Regarding their seats, at the front there is no problem. In fact, it seems that you need a bigger vehicle, but if an adult is housed in the rear seats (not recommended and the fewer the better), it’s fine. its small size.

Simple and functional interior

On board the Aygo X Cross you can also see that it is a simple car. According to infotainment screen, seven inches in this single play the finish (there are eight and even nine), it looks a little small and with an operating system that, if quick commands are needed, remains a bit stuck. On the other hand, it is also true that this version integrates as standard elements as interesting as the rear camera, Recognition of road signs, trip computer, hill start assist or air conditioning.

There are no central air vents (there is a grille above the dashboard) and, particularly on the doors, lots of sheet metal has been left exposed, which is common in this cheaper type of car and adds a splash of color to the interior.

The quality of the plastics and settings are simple, but quite worthy. However, the back tray does not fit well and often falls out. On the other hand, the interior design, especially the dashboard, is not bad at all. One draws attention central screen embedded in an oval molding original and modern appearance.

The infotainment screen is encased in a unique oval molding.

Urban engine, urban behavior

The only mechanic available for the little one Toyota It is one of petrol, three cylinders (without turbo) and a liter of displacement that offers 72 HP and a small per solo motor 93 Nm. These figures will not allow you to perform dazzlingly, but you do not need them for the city and short trips on the outskirts. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in almost 15 seconds. there It reaches a maximum speed of 158 km/h. He catches up with a approved consumption of 4.8 l/100 km.

that your priority use is the city and its surroundings That doesn’t mean at all that you can’t make a trip with this Aygo X. Of course, the pace must be calm and before a slope you will have to be patient and position yourself in the right lane.

In addition, you will also have to play with your five-speed manual gearbox (short journeys and good driving), to reduce the speed a little and increase engine revolutions. This will give you more power, but will also produce more noise on board. So much so that it can become unpleasant if the slope is very long.

Stability and comfort

The stability of the Aygo X, despite its small size and wheelbase of only 2.43 meters, It’s pretty decent on the road. Only suspensions, filtering out some broken or tarpaulins more pronounced, they can somewhat obscure the comfort on board. Its weight, one ton, does not help much either in the more sinuous sections, since, with these measures, the inertias reveal themselves quickly. However, the stability control is responsible for putting things back in their place, with a bit more workload in quick changes of direction.

With a wheelbase of 2.43 meters, it displays very good stability on the road.

In town, its use will be more respectful of the environment and more pleasant for everyone. It responds well to low revolutions and that’s all it takes to get around with a bit of joy in city traffic. Besides, his the turning radius is very good (9.4 meters) and this, combined with its small size, makes it easier to maneuver in urban environments.

Large car safety, small car consumption

The system in which Toyota groups the security systems It’s called Toyota Safety Sense, and this car includes Pedestrian and Cyclist Detector, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent High Beam Control, and Emergency Brake Warning, among others. . That’s to say, full equipment that they already wanted it for themselves much bigger cars.

The little Japanese can also boast of an adjusted price and consumption. During the test, spent 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers, very little more than the approved 4.8. In summary, for just over 14,000 euros, This car offers pleasant mobility for young people who are looking for something economical and decisive, but with a certain quality and the peace of mind of knowing that Toyota is behind its construction.

The mini-SUV look of this Aygo X catches the eye.

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