62 copies for fun on the track

    Maserati has recently set out to rediscover all of its sporting DNA of yesteryear. This is why he not only announced his return to the world of competition enter Formula E, but also entered the world of supercars again in a big way with the Maserati MC20.

    Now it continues this path of sportiness and exclusivity towards the cube by entering, as has already happened with the spectacular MC12, the world of circuit cars with this new Project24, a limited-edition supercar prototype which, as with other similar models, such as the Ferrari FXX-K Evolutionthe Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 or the McLaren Senna GTR, wants to be the definitive toy for the brand’s track days and offer the most extreme sensations possible exclusively on the circuit.

    maserati24 project


    Design without compromise

    For now the trident signature gives us three sketches of a Centro Stile Maserati-designed beast that makes it clear from the start that it is very serious about this goal. Its aerodynamic body that does without headlights, except for some thin LED lights on the side air intakes that form a trident, it sports the brand’s blue and white colors, and even the trident is very present in the hood area, surrounded by huge air intakes. The rims are faired, and at the rear the formula is repeated with trident-shaped taillights with two high tailpipes in the center and under them a gigantic diffuser. Above, a huge rear wing attached to a shark fin.

    maserati24 project


    the best ingredients

    This set is also made with lightweight materials to leave a weight less than 1,250 kg. This added to its powerful mechanics, resorting again to the famous Maserati Nettuno engine 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that reaches 740 horsepower hereresults in a remarkable power-to-weight ratio approx. 1.69 kg/hp. Mechanics managed with a 6-speed competition sequential transmission, a competition clutch and a mechanical limited-slip rear differential.

    As a circuit car, this mechanic also comes with a ultralight carbon fiber monocoque chassis with a truly radical feel, featuring double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis, adjustable racing dampers and adjustable front and rear stabilizer bars, plus signature Brembo racing brakes with custom cooling system, and wheels with slick tires and custom 18-inch forged aluminum wheels.

    Price and launch of the Maserati24 project

    For now The production and launch date of this new circuit toy are unknown, of which only 62 copies will be manufactured with a price still unknown.but given its exclusivity and the examples of other proposals from the competition, it would not be crazy to say that it will be a car that will easily exceed the million euros.

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