42% of women had alterations

When the population began to be vaccinated against covid, among the Side effects there was no reference to changes in menstruation. However, after a few months, women from different countries began to report damage. Since then, various research groups have sought a link between possible period alterations and the covid vaccine.

In January 2022, Dr. Victoria Maleresearcher in the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction at Imperial College, published an editorial in the magazine British medical journal (BMJ) in which he draws a conclusion after reviewing the little scientific evidence that has existed so far: “There is a relationship, but the most recent evidence, although limited, is reassuring”, he said. -He underlines.

Male concluded that the two main studies to date have provided “clear evidence that there is menstrual changesafter being vaccinated against covid. “They are small and reverse quickly,” he added. But, he says, the trials should have proactively looked for these disorders, just as they look for fevers or pain in the arms.

Menstrual vaccine and covid: increased bleeding and breakthrough bleeding

This is the conclusion reached by researchers in the field of biology and anthropology linked to the universities of Tulane and Illinois. published their results in the magazine Direct Sciences and in them they find a significant association between rule alterations and the covid vaccine. More specifically, the paper shows “increased bleeding or breakthrough bleeding”. “They are neither rare nor dangerous”, they acknowledge, but add that “it is worth paying attention to build confidence in medicine”.

It’s him largest study to date with nearly 40,000 attendees. Of the total, 42% of those who had a regular menstrual cycle (cis women and trans people) reported having increased menstrual bleeding two weeks after receiving the covid vaccine. 44% felt no change.

The researchers also found the occurrence of spontaneous menstrual bleeding in women who did not have their periods (because they were postmenopausal or because they were taking some type of hormone treatment, for example, to gender transition). For the latter case, like that of trans men or some non-binary peoplebiologists and anthropologists emphasize in their paper that “this unexpected bleeding” can lead to “psychological suffering in those who suffer from gender dysphoria”.

Another study in Spain reveals alterations in menstruation

In Spain, researchers from University of Granada too just appeared in women’s health, your results on period and covid vaccine. The study had 14,153 participants, 78% of whom perceived changes in premenstrual and menstrual symptoms after administration of the vaccine.

Most of the women who have reported alterations are over 35 years old. The most common changes in premenstrual symptoms are increased fatigue (43%), bloating (37%), irritability (29%), sadness (28%) and headaches (28%) . The most common changes in menstrual symptoms are more bleeding (43%), pain (41%), delayed menstruation (38%) and fewer bleeding days (34.5%).

In a statement from the University of Granada, nurse Laura Baena, the project’s principal researcher, acknowledges that this association between the period and the covid vaccine needs to be studied in more depth “in order to describe the physiological mechanisms which explain these alterations.


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