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One of the things that can be problematic for users is the ability to migrate chat history from WhatsApp when you change the operating system on the smartphone. Historically, this has been somewhat traumatic, as the vast majority end up throwing in the towel and, as a result, losing the information. Fortunately, that has changed and it will not happen again. We tell you the reason.

This is none other than the company owned by Meta has announced that it includes a tool that allows transfer data from Android to iOS (and vice versa). As a result, you have nothing to lose when changing terminals, which until now was not possible in a official -which implies perfect operation and does not endanger the information, which is also very important-.

Is it difficult to do it on WhatsApp?

Well the truth is that no, since everything is achieved very intuitively -and in a very short time-. Therefore, the new tool that included WhatsApp It is very useful and does not imply that you have to have a lot of knowledge to use it. In short, a success. Of course, certain conditions must be met to achieve this. An example is that the Android version used must be 5.0 or higher and for iOS it must be 15.5 or higher. As for the app version, it should be and or above in each operating system.

Others terms that you must comply with those listed below:

  • Both terminals must be connected to the same WiFi network to be able to perform the procedure (it is also possible to perform all the steps if the Android terminal is connected to a shared iOS connection).
  • The new smartphone must use the same phone number as the one with the chats to be registered.
  • It is recommended that both smartphones be connected to power to avoid battery issues.
  • The iOS device must be new or factory restored, otherwise you cannot migrate chats to WhatsApp.

Selecting WhatsApp Migration from Android to iOS


Steps to complete the process

If you meet all the conditions mentioned above, you can start the migration process for what you need from the application Switch to iOS what you can get for free in this link. This can be used by all users whether or not you are using the trial version of WhatsApp. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the Migrate to iOS app on your Android and you need to follow the guide that appears on the terminal screen.
  • Enter the passcode displayed by the iPhone on your Android, then tap Continue.
  • When the Transfer Data option appears, you should choose WhatsApp. Now use Start and the migration process starts, so be patient -it can take a long time if you have a lot of information in the application-. When everything is done, you will see the app disconnect on your Android devices.
  • Use Next and Continue, successively. Once done, by simply installing the messaging application on the terminal with iOS, and with the same phone number as the Android, you can start restoring in WhatsApp.
  • You have finished.

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