Villarreal: Pau Torres is still on the list of several greats, including Barcelona

Paul Torres He continues to advance in his career. Consolidated in the selection of Luis Enrique and head of defense of Villarreal, the central He is in the sights of different teams as a possible reinforcement in this summer market. Yes OK Manchester United there Juventus they have already integrated a central defender (respectively Lisandro and Bremer) the name of the left-handed defender is still on the board of these two clubs and others.

The Barcelonaonce Koundé is very close to Chelsea, think back to the central defender of Villarreal as an object of desire to strengthen a still incomplete position in the team led by Xavi Hernndez.

The truth is that the central position shows signs of being a rather rare and highly valued asset. With De Ligt at the helm and twice among the most expensive signings in history, Lisandro, Koulibaly, Bremer, Kounde and Kimpembe (the latter two are yet to close) are shaping a market in which central defense is listed on the rise and in many swimming pools, the name of Pau Torres appears as a tenant of this list of elected officials.

new situation

Pau Torres’ situation is not the same as last summer. Success in the Europa League, the challenge of the Champions League and the extra money from Europe’s top competition have led the footballer and the club not to pay too much attention to the offers received by the left-footed centre-back. Tottenham came to put 55 million euros on the tablebut at no time was the possibility of going out 100% real.

The defender wanted to enjoy the Champions League in his city, along with his long-serving team and the club’s managers and technicians were happy to see Pau Torres at La Cermica. Signed the full European, from the group stage to the semi-final, showing a high level. He didn’t miss a game, to which he added 32 in the league and five with the Spanish team.

The Conference League is the European challenge Villarreal now has ahead of it. Another competition, another level, both sporting and economic. Less glamour, less money. Several names have been mooted as possible exit deals, but the jewel in the crown remains Pau Torres. In every sense, both sportingly and socially, as well as the image of the club.

Barcelona, ​​​​very caring

Barcelona managers and technicians remain attentive to what can happen with the Villarreal player and the Spanish team. Xavi knows the central left-hander perfectly and in this endless race for the Barça club to strengthen the team, the name of Pau Torres again occupies a privileged place in this multifaceted game played by Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemany.

As offices continue to work to shape technician demands, Pau Torres follows his own, which is nothing more than training with his teammates, thinking about Villarreal and the next challenges to come, including the World Cup. LaLiga is already on the horizon and there is no time for distractions. The club’s managers and their agent, Vicente Fores, are the ones working towards this and if it all goes together it will be time to decide, but while the centre-back continues to do what he knows best, who doesn’t is nothing more than playing Football.

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