the great alternative to the Xiaomi Band 7

A few days ago we announced that Amazfit was about to launch its Band 7, a new generation of its smart bracelets. This time it has become a reality, and finally this bracelet is official. And that definitely comes with the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro as its main focus, as it comes with a design very similar to this, and in turn to that of the latest Huawei Band. It’s time to discover its definitive characteristics and to wonder if this bracelet will end up arriving in Spain or not in the near future.

Amazfit Band 7 data sheet

Well, it is undoubtedly a model that stands out for having a very different design from its predecessors, and which reminds us of the Huawei and Xiaomi bracelets, with a more rectangular screen, a design that has become popular in recent years. This screen has a 1.47-inch size and AMOLED technology. This is a huge leap in screen size over previous models, which arguably gives this model a whole new dimension.

Amazfit Band 7

Amazfit Band 7 | Amazfit

Of course, unlike the Xiaomi Pro model, this does not arrive with GPS, therefore, it relegates it directly to the mid-range with the standard Mi Band 7 or the Huawei Band 7. It comes with the Biotracker 3.0 system, which allows us to have a series of specific tools to monitor our health. On the one hand, for measure heart rate, as well as blood oxygen levels, sleep monitoring and sleep qualityas well as menstruation or PAI points, which measure the health of our weekly activity.

Amazfit Band 7

Amazfit Band 7 | Amazfit

Regarding the battery, it has one of the 232mAhwho is able to provide up to 18 days of battery life with a full charge of this battery. Regarding physical activity, it is able to analyze up to 120 different sports activities. These will not only track traditional heart rate measurements, but will also incorporate other measurements such as abnormally low blood oxygen levels, too low or too high heart rate, as well as unhealthy stress levels. .

We also have the ability to customize the appearance of the spherescon up to 50 different, so we will surely find one that suits our tastes and needs. We can also add a custom background if we want, not only with any image, but also with our favorite photos. In addition, 8 of the available spheres can be modified to give it a more personal touch.

Amazfit Band 7 Price

The new bracelet arrives with a price to compete with the Xiaomi Band 7. In fact, it is about 49 euros to change. There is a global version, but at the moment we don’t know when it will be released in Spain, where we will surely have it available. It is available in several colors, such as black, beige, orange, pink, blue or green, all also in pastel shades which give this bracelet a much cooler touch, which looks more like a watch smart.

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