Terelu Campos Reveals How Much Money Yulen Has Made With Her Exclusive After ‘Survivors’

Only a few days have passed since Yulen Pereira had to leave survivors by decision of the public, but the athlete has already given his first interview for a well-known gossip magazine. Terelu Campos wanted to reveal in Save me the amount that was taken for their statements.

It’s a classic, since all the competitors in the Honduran competition must offer several interviews once back in Spain, but the case of Anabel Pantoja’s new love is special. His relationship with Isabel Pantoja’s niece made him one of the protagonists of the contest despite the fact that he started as almost unknown.

Cover of the Readings.

Cover of the Readings.


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In his statements, he did not hesitate to speak of the hot moment he played with Anabel in the middle of the night. “When I see the intimate video, I don’t know where to go. I apologized to my parents,” he confesses after checking the great repercussion that this moment had in Spain.

Terelu Campos, animator of the last days of Save me Given the loss of vacations of Jorge Javier and Adela González, he gave information about the money that could have been taken. Far from being an interview which fell within her commitments as a candidate for the realityit seems that for his private interest he would have charged it.

Yulen Pereira grants her first interview in 'Lectures'.

Yulen Pereira grants her first interview in ‘Lectures’.

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María Teresa Campos’ daughter works in Lecturas magazine, so she has first-hand information. “I tell you he won at least 10 and at most 15,” he said. Kiko Hernández aimed high and bet on 15,000 euros, while Carmen Borrego leaned towards a middle ground by betting on 12,000.

Although these are large sums of money for the average person, these types of amounts are somewhat small for what is usual in the heart world, but this could be because Yulen is still a unknown character. It remains to be seen if he will be the first exclusive in a long series or if he will try to step away from the spotlight and return to the sport.

Arelys, Yulen's mother, assures that she knows nothing about her participation in a Telecinco reality show

Arelys, Yulen’s mother, assures that she knows nothing about her participation in a Telecinco reality show


But the fencing champion is not the only one to have become the target of the press, since his mother Arelys could be negotiating his signature as a candidate on a reality from Mediaset. Concretely, the magazine Semana underlines that it would be among the names considered for the return of The farm.

He is realitywhose rights Telecinco recently purchased, will come next fall to fill the void GH. “I went white, I have no idea. No one spoke to me, I have no idea what it is,” he told the reporter. Save me.

Anabel Pantoja Stars In Effusive Encounter With Yulen's Mom In 'Survivors'

Anabel Pantoja Stars In Effusive Encounter With Yulen’s Mom In ‘Survivors’

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